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Arrow in my Fence!

I find it very interesting how the universe sends us messages and attempts to get our attention. This morning I went out on my back porch and found that an arrow had been launched into my yard and was now stuck in my fence. I have a general sense about what an arrow might mean, however, I set off to try and find some additional information about what others have to say about it. It could be as simple as someone being a very lousy shot, but I feel like this sign means much more than a random act of a bad archer.

The first one that I found was from this site: and the definition seems to make good sense for my particular situation today. “The meaning of the above single arrow indicated protection and defence. Arrows also signified direction, force, movement, power and direction of travel. When an arrow pointed to the left it meant warding off evil, pointing to the right meant protection and an arrow pointing down meant peace.”

Another idea comes from this site: and takes on more of a spiritual meaning. “…arrows normally travel from someone to heaven, thus most arrows are symbolic of spiritual output.” “The arrow can also symbolise, by extension the Higher spirit’s ability to travel in the spiritual world at ‘high speed.”

I was also curious about the meaning of the colored fin feathers so I found some simple definitions at “Blue feathers symbolize mental abilities, peace, protection. And psychic awareness.” “White feathers symbolize purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, and blessings of the Moon.”

All in all, I feel pretty good about discovering this arrow in my fence! Certainly, because someone recorded gun shots in my neighborhood last night – I am comforted that my spirit guide took the time to send me a message this profound. Don’t you find it amazing how the universe communicates and guides us?!

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