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Coronavirus and the Great Shift

It certainly is hard to ignore the events that are unfolding due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I truly try not to write more stories about this virus, however, there are so many story lines and background things happening behind the scenes. It almost seems like this pandemic is raising more questions than it can possibly answer; if you are like me, you probably have your doubts as to the true nature of this problem. I am currently one of the people on the front line of planning and deploying assets to assist those people and areas that have been afflicted by the Coronavirus. I certainly have never done medical operations and planning virtually from my home; this is truly a whole new experience. It is truly amazing to experience the immense amount of planning and resources that go into responding to this type of event. Even though the government of the United States approved a 2 trillion-dollar stimulus package, and over 50 billion dollars in emergency funds, this will certainly not even come close to covering the cost of this operation. I believe that this pandemic, if that is truly what this is, will change the course of this planet for the rest of the future.

Just look back at the 911 incident; that changed the way security and surveillance is done over the entire planet. The twin towers attack created a large amount of new jobs, new degree programs, new federal, state and county organizations, and a host of new laws and regulations. Large events like 911, and now the worldwide coronavirus “pandemic”, changes the future of all mankind. I suspect that there will be large changes in our freedom to move freely; look how easy it was to put billions of people on “house arrest” without having to force it with policing or military involvement. All it takes is for the entire news media, and all its outlets, to broadcast fear across the network, and people will gladly give up their rights of free movement. I am one of those people who were told to go home, and possibly return to work in a month, if things get better. My family and I are also sitting at home primarily, because everything has been lockdown and shut down, so there truly is not much else to do but be at home. When I go out to walk the dogs, I see an entire neighborhood filled with vehicles in the driveway, that are normally not there during the day. I have never witnessed the whole entire planet stop, stand still and willingly isolate themselves and give up their freedoms. But we dare not go out and try to break these rules, lest we get fined or jailed for not abiding by a statute set by our governments.

To be honest, I saw this coming long ago. I am what most people consider a conspiracy theorist; I have studied many different angles of many different world events and concluded that the direction that we now find ourselves in, was in fact coming. I am also a psychic medium and I have been feeling the “shift” for quite some time now, so I was not surprised when it began to happen. I will be honest and say that my guides do not grant me very much detail in the future things they show me, however, it was very clear that the year 2020 was going to be a year of massive change. The interesting thing about sharing my ideas and knowledge of conspiracies often fell on deaf ears followed by much laughter. I wonder now if anyone is laughing, if they now are digging into the conspiracies surrounding this pandemic?! I believe in a very big hurry, we are going to see an easy conversion to a cashless society with digital dollars, a mandatory vaccination program that is designed to digitally mark, identify and track us, and a strong formation of a one world government known as the One World Order. These are quite broad categories of course, but along with those, I think we will see many additional and restricting laws, new degree programs, less liberty, and a hunger games type society. I don’t know if you have noticed that over the last couple of decades, the governments have been finding ways to force people off their farms and out of rural areas, in order to push them to the metropolitan areas and cities. National Parks have changed ownership from the federal level to private investors; many of them from other countries. Does any of this begin to look like the hunger games movies?!

Additionally, I have been talking with many people who have told me that they have been feeling strange energy, or a shift, happening. Many of them cannot quite narrow down what this sensation truly is, but they know that there is great change in the air. The majority of these people have related that this feeling of a shift began in the latter part of 2019 and is getting stronger every day for them. I too have had this feeling, and I do think the overall energy and vibration of the earth is changing, however, I feel like our new technology has a lot to do with this shift. I am sure that almost everyone has heard about the new 5g technology that has started to be activated and turned on around the planet. A large number of sources that I have researched, have pointed out that Wuhan China was designated as the test bed for the effects of turning on the 5g technology. My sources differ on just how many of these antennas were turned on all at once, but all of them indicate that it was a large amount. Many of the videos I received, that were reported to be from China, showed a much different aspect of reactions to this supposed Coronavirus issue. These videos led me to believe that there was much more going on than just a virus, and that the 5g radiation had a lot to do with these strange symptoms. A coronavirus definitely will not cause you to fall dead instantly while performing normal tasks, and it certainly does not cause a large number of people to break out in whole body convulsions. I am not a doctor, but I do have a lot of medical background, and training in chemical/biological agents. It appears to me that there was something sinister going on in China; perhaps to spur great fear in the world when it started traveling around the world affecting many other places. All I can tell you is that something is afoot and we are not getting the entire truth. Of course, I could be completely wrong and this could be a killer virus, but I doubt it.

We are definitely going through a great shift. We are moving quickly into religious prophecy and our earth is completely changing underneath our feet. Do you feel it too?

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