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Flat Earth or Globe? Maybe it’s neither...

Updated: May 5, 2022

I am reposting this story due to the recent intense debate about whether the earth is flat or round. I wonder if knowing the truth, somehow being able to take a ride in a ship and view our reality with our five senses, would actually change anything in our lives. No matter what this reality is, we still have to go to work, we still have bills, we still have to raise our children....on and on life continues like it always has. My thought is that it might only alter our belief system regarding the existence outside of ourselves....God, Angels, Demons, etc. The common people of this place we call home, will likely never know the absolute truth, and we are simply left with what we believe. But that is okay.....

There is quite a debate recently as to whether we live on a globe or whether we live on a flat earth. I will be honest and say that I was a hard care believer in the current globe, universe, and space model, until recently. There are as many opinions and there are theories, experiments, science, equations, and tests, regarding the proof or debunking of either of these models.

I have always been taught about the heliocentric version of our reality, and have found myself rooted in the presented science, pictures, and theories. I could never imagine that we could find ourselves on a flat earth, after all, this was a belief from very long ago right? So basically the globe model states that we are on a sphere that is about 2500 miles around the equator. Our earth is reported to be spinning at 1,000 miles per hour at the equator, rotating around our sun at 66,000 miles per hour, while our solar system is rotating around the center of our galaxy at 560,000 miles per hour, and our galaxy is moving through the universe at 900,000 miles per hour! Now that is a lot of moving parts and I truly wonder how science can really prove how fast we are traveling? What I found was that the heliocentric model was presented by a mathematician and astronomer, by the name of Nicolaus Copernicus, in the 16th century. This new “evidence” was actually presented relatively recently then, and without any of our modern-day technology to be able to prove or disprove this theory. This new information was not necessarily received well, but eventually it was accepted and adopted by society, and taught in schools and institutions ever since. It does not appear that our learning institutions have challenged this assumption, even though we now have the technology to investigate this theory properly.

Since I was such a staunch global model believer, I scoffed at any articles and posts on the internet that touted this flat earth theory. For some reason, my interest peaked as I watched my first video on the subject, and I really began to question what I have been taught my whole life. I began to dig into this information and found many scientific and amateur experiments that seemed to defy the current globe model. There is a multitude of videos, articles, and documentaries that document “evidence” that our earth cannot possibly be a sphere. There are many items to discuss in the flat earth model, but a couple of things have stood out to me. For example, if our earth is really traveling spinning and hurtling through space as quoted, then how can the stars in our sky be unchanging for so many centuries? If the sun is supposed to be 93 million miles away from us, how can there be angles of sun rays through our clouds? Simple geometry would show that our sun is much closer than we have been told. If the curve of the earth is supposed to drop our horizon by 8 inches per mile squared, how can we possibly see things as far away as 60 miles in their entirety? Why would the earlier published version of a flat earth be the symbol on our United Nations Flag? Why is Antarctica off-limits by a treaty signed by almost every nation on this earth? Perhaps the ice ring around the outside of the flat earth model is accurate? Maybe this explains why Admiral Byrd took an armada of ships, planes, and personnel to Antarctica in 1946? Why was the United States shooting high altitude nuclear warheads into the sky for 4 years continuously? Were they trying to break through the dome that they had discovered in Antarctica? I could go on for quite a while with questions that seem to debunk the global earth model, but I digress.

I can say with certainty that we are definitely not being told the entire truth, whatever that truth might be, but I remain open to all sides of the story. A couple of days ago I watched an experiment done by the Discovery Channel to show if there was indeed a curvature in our earth as we have been taught. They used a laser and a high-power telescope over a lake; what was interesting was that they actually showed the curvature of the earth as I previously mentioned. As you can imagine, my head began spinning while trying to figure all of this out. Interestingly enough, I watched another flat earth video on that same day that discussed how other cultures and religions viewed the earth. They began to discuss how the Hebrew religion viewed the earth and I found myself being reminded of a vision I was given some time back. The below picture is the one that was shown and discussed in this video, notice that our living space is flat, with waters below us, separated by a dome, or firmament, with waters above, before you enter into “heaven” represented by the yellow.

I am a psychic medium and I have been searching for evidence and answers to what this place is that we live on and  I was given the following vision. I first felt myself being lifted through what appeared to be a dome with a barrier of water between the place I live and the next layer I was shown.  This barrier was separate from the large body of water that I found me moving through.  I looked down on the first barrier and I could see my home down below; I also could see many of these dome-shaped places; it seemed like an infinite number of them everywhere.  As I passed through this barrier, I was brought to a place of complete silence and void of anything.  As I looked below me, the surface of this body of water was as smooth as glass with little markers that identified groups of the domed areas below. The whole place was just a pale-yellow color and there was nothing as far as I could see in every direction.  I look down at my feet and my hands to see if I had a body but there was nothing visible.  I then heard that this was a place of nothing but consciousness; they had me hanging out in this place for what seemed like a very long time. I was then lifted again into another layer that was completely black with no sound nor anything visible at all.  My vision continued but I digress to make a point -- Perhaps then, we are living within a globe and on a flat earth?

As I look at all the research and evidence presented by numerous people, I am beginning to feel like we are all experiencing our own individual version of reality, and that there is not necessarily just one concrete reality. I have recently been researching human DNA and our Bioelectric Field, and have found that every human being is unique, not one of us is like the other, and we all have an individual frequency. This is a frequency of our soul that is manifested in our human existence. If every one of us is on a different frequency, then we must be receiving a universal signal to match our individual frequency, which is very different and unique from everyone else’s. In that respect, we should be experiencing this “reality” differently from all the other human beings. This would then explain why all the research and experiments seem to get different results!

Never quit searching…

Never quit learning…


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