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Human Ascension

Every day we move past things in our lives many times and fail to truly see what is happening around us. I am sure we have all had that thought as we notice something as we drive home and thought – is that building new? However, that building has likely been there for a long time but it has not been processed by our conscious mind until that moment when we finally noticed it. We do tend to move through our day on autopilot because our subconscious mind does all the work through our embedded programming. The good thing about that scenario is that we have a part of us that is minding the store, and not allowing us to go off the rails, but the bad part of that is we are consciously missing many signs and signals that are being presented to us each day. Even if we notice something every day, there are moments when that something speaks a message very loudly to us. This was the case with the pictured wall art at the top of this article.

This wall art has been hanging in the bathroom above the toilet for seven years now, but suddenly it seemed to stream a strong message to me. Overall, this art seems to represent the ascension of life, most especially human ascension. Starting from the bottom of the art is where the beginning of life starts, in this case, a butterfly is being represented. I imagine being a caterpillar hanging out in a dark and scary place and not knowing what the future will be, then suddenly we are a beautiful butterfly. The lower butterfly is the most colorful of all of the three represented here, representing the innocence of youth where anything and everything is possible to us; everything is full of wonder and learning without limits. Then along comes a time in our lives when we have to make choices, and in this instance, there are two major paths to choose from, and it appears that this butterfly is choosing a route that is not heading directly towards its purpose. The ornaments in the pathways of the butterflies represent major events that tend to distract us and slow us down in our ascension process.

Although this butterfly made a choice to take the detour, it still found its way to where the darker butterfly is located on this journey; so, it appears that no matter what choices we make, we must go through that dark time in our life. The darker butterfly represents that “dark night of the soul” part of our life; this is an event that I believe we are all supposed to experience in our lifetimes. You will notice that the colors all seem to be gone and have turned into a dark color, appearing much smaller as well. That dark night of the soul experience is quite a learning and humbling timeframe, and we then also have a choice to evolve out of that time or stay in this dark space. You will notice that one of the pathways branches off to the left but circles back to basically the same place; I guess we get to keep moving back into that experience until we get it figured out.

In fact, every pathway always seems to circle back to the butterfly; this represents to me the struggle to “left brain” our life and try to make logical sense of what is going on, but eventually, we circle back to that creative part of us. Spiritual ascension is difficult, at best, to travel on if we are trying to fit that into the reality that we find ourselves physically existing in. You will notice that the butterfly at the top is much smaller in size compared to the other two; this speaks to me of shedding all the unnecessary things in this life; becoming lighter and unattached to the physical to be able to travel in our spiritual ascension with ease. Again, even in the ascended portion of our journey, we return to ourselves and within. This world we live in today has become distraught and has moved in directions that likely will not be able to be stopped. Trying to change these enormous events in our world probably is not where our focus should be because there is not much that a few can do to ever expect to change.

However, we can go within and change who we are, and who we want to be and to become that which we weren’t meant to become. To be honest, if we fight the system that we exist in, we will simply become that which we fight, so spending our energy on what we can change, and that is ourselves. If we want to change the world then we must become that change. Our ascension might have been proclaimed before we incarnated, however, it is our responsibility to do the work, have the belief in the process, and evolve into who we were meant to be. Will we always understand why we must go through tough experiences along the way? Probably not, but trust in the process is what will carry us through to the other side of every struggle in this life.

This is a call to action to go within and evolve!! Stay strong and live your life!!!

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