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Spirit Guides

I am psychic medium and I have been given the pleasure and privilege of interacting with spirit guides. Throughout our known history, in many different religions and spiritual practices, entities that guide us through our lives have been recorded and discussed. These entities are called by many different names, such as spirit guides, spirit animals, and angels; I am certain there are many other names to identify them. However, they are those who nudge us, speak to us and guide us towards the purpose and goals for our lives on this earth. Some of us notice them, others do not, however they never give up trying to influence our path towards enlightenment and purpose.

I have been familiar with the idea of guides all my life, but it was not until about 4 years ago that I became fully aware of them. During a major life change, I began a personal journey for self-identification and self-correction, and this is where I was introduced to my first guide. I have discovered that our guides are introduced to us in a way that feels comfortable for us, this way we can develop a relationship without any fear or stress. My first guide was an in-law who had died at a young age. Initially, she began showing up in my dreams, and we began to have conversations in these dreams. We are a command audience while we are asleep because our conscious mind is out of the equation; this is the way that many of us meet our spirit guides for the first time. As time passed, we began to communicate while I was in an awake state; I found that she was able to provide me information that I could not have possibly known. I finally asked why she was interacting with me. She replied that she had volunteered to step in and become my primary guide. It was not long before other relatives that had passed on began to form a team of guides for me to confer and confide with. For many years I was enlightened and amazed at the answers and guidance I would and could receive from this panel.

Recently I sat down to meditate and was visited by a new entity. I was presented with a female angel that had a very appealing body dressed in tight jeans and a short sleeve shirt. She had very long dark hair, no face and dark wings. She informed me that she now my new guide, a much higher-level guide than the current ones. I was told that she was the angel of conception and sexuality. I researched this angel and it turns out that there is one prominent female angel in some earlier religious literature. This angel is named Lailah, however, she has asked me to just call her Angel. She informed me that I was once doing what she was doing, being a watcher angel, an angel who was among the fallen angels that came to earth to experience the physical and sexual side of humanity. She said therefore I struggle with the need for the physical. I found this information amazing yet bothersome. However, Angel has assured me that I will once again ascend and return to my creator.

On another recent meditation, Angel grabbed my hand to take and show me something. I was led to a high area of ground overlooking a tremendously large valley that stretched as far as I could see. She informed me that this was the valley of souls and that there are billions and billions of souls located here. These souls are waiting until the next time of incarnation and are guarded by large angels who meticulously keep track of each one of them. I asked if they were lined up in order of incarnation, but she said they were not and that the souls would incarnate at the specified time preordained for them. Each of these souls looked like a glass ball with a dim lit color on the inside; as we walked through the valley, they all moved to make room for our path. This valley of souls stretched out in both directions as far as I could see. I remember feeling a great sense of peace as I was walking among these souls, as if they were completely at rest and ease.

Now what is interesting is that Angel showed up right after one of my family members visited. This family member soon found out that she was pregnant, and I am sure that this is not a coincidence; I also don’t think she is present just because of this family member. I will have to say that I really enjoy Angel, however, I have since asked her to fill in a face to help me relate better with her. I have also asked to be able to meet and interact with her in this realm, not permanently obviously, but just for the experience. I am still waiting on this meeting.

I am very thankful that I have been blessed with a connection to the higher realms. Everyone can be this connected and sometimes it is as simple as asking to meet your guide, your angel, your spirit animal. Give it a try and trust what you get!

Wikipedia has some really good references for Lailah:


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