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The Idea of Infinity is Overwhelming!

Meditation is an enormously wonderful tool to use during your personal enlightenment journey. I have been meditating for many years, however, recently the journeys associated with these sessions have become quite detailed and amazing to experience. One of the themes that have been manifesting is the enormity of the endless and eternal makeup of the cosmos or universe. On the surface, it seems easy to imagine something going on forever, however, it appears to be much more than some linear definition. I wanted to share a couple of the meditative journeys that I have recently experienced; it would be truly mind-blowing if the universe truly was this complex.

Meditation 1

I found myself staring out into the darkness, but not solid darkness. I could still see the different shades of darkness while standing on a clear, but dark crystalline disk. I could almost hear my footsteps as I was moving around. I finally was able to change my view and look back at the center of the disk where there was a very large quartz crystal structure. It appeared to be about 30 feet above and below the disk and it was glowing with a dim pulsing and energetic light. I began to send my thoughts out to understand what I was experiencing and a white woman, who appeared to be in her 50s, came out to meet me. She offered me a chair and she sat down in her own chair as we faced each other; we were communicating in this position and grasping each other’s hands. She began to explain that this was the absolute base structure of all existence; she said that this might normally be called the quark in quantum physics. She stated that this was the smallest particle of all the cosmos, and this was connected to the source. I asked how this was established and she said that these building structures were created by the source. I further asked who created the source, and she replied that no one truly knew this answer. She continued by saying that each cell of our human body contains an almost endless number of quarks, which are connected to the absolute, perpetual, and eternal state of existence. We could not stay there too long because the current state of this quark was at rest, and nothing foreign within the structure could survive the intense amount of energy that happens when the quark is active. She showed me that the crystalline disk pulls into the center, changes to a molten glass-like material, and activates the crystal in the center to an amazing amount of energy. Even though the disk seemed to have a circumference, I was informed that it extended outwardly for an eternity; when each of these quarks activates, it literally pulls the entire existence of all there is to the center. It is hard to imagine this ultra-microscopic quark pulling in the entire cosmos and taking advantage of all there is, much less to imagine that each of these quarks is the smallest particle of existence. In a subsequent meditation, I was informed that even though this is the “smallest” particle in this current reality, even this quark contains quarks, and these contain quarks and continue extending into absolute infinity. It seems like there is no definition of the cosmos that can capture the smallest particle.

Meditation 2

A white gravel road appeared in front of me, and I began walking on this road. As I was walking, I could hear the gravel noise as I was taking steps, and found myself flanked by two unknown men, who accompanied me on the journey. As I walked with these men, I found myself holding hands with each of them. I found this quite unfamiliar because I normally relate externally to the feminine, however, I did not disagree with these actions and followed the road. This road, and these men, brought me to a small structure, where there was a woman waiting for us. She was initially standing with arms extended in a greeting. She was tall for a woman, and she was wearing a long flowing outfit that was a sheer purple color. She had on some type of headdress that suggested possible royalty. She introduced herself as Sheba and motioned for me to sit down in front of her. She joined me and I found us both sitting cross-legged in proximity to each other. She placed my hands in hers and she informed me of a couple of things. She told me that she was now joining the team as one of my guides and suggested that she was another facet of Angel. I was also informed that she would be taking me on a journey, to many levels of consciousness. I then found myself meditating within my meditation, much like dreaming within a dream. Sheba initially took me to a place to show me what she called the edge of eternity. Now my thought was that there should be no edge of eternity, but she clarified by saying that it was more of a boundary separating endless amounts of realities. It looked like we were standing on a circular black disc and out in the distance, I could see what looked like doorways around the boundary of this plane. She explained that these other realities were guarded by the hounds of the barrier, which was written about in the story of Toth. One cannot pass through this boundary without permission; she stated that she had complete access to wherever we needed to go. She told me that we going to visit one place this time as we headed toward a well-lit doorway. I watched each of the large hounds, or big dogs, watch silently as we walked towards and within this doorway. This place was extremely bright, and I found it difficult to focus initially. As my vision cleared, I found that we were in a location like a beach in front of a crystal-clear gold-colored sea or body of water. She explained that this was the sea of immortality and youth and that I was being brought here for rejuvenation. I was directed to go stand in the water facing the beach and Sheba; my follow-on direction was to submerge myself seven times in the water. As I performed these actions as directed, I found the water was very easy to be submerged in and found that I was feeling different each time I resurfaced. I then was directed to come and sit in the shallow portion of the beach facing the sea and continue to meditate. The journey then took me to many other meditations within meditations; at some point, Sheba stated that we could do this for an eternity, but it was time to return to the self. I found myself back on the white road where Sheba informed me that I now could visit this immortal and youthful sea anytime I desired. I then turned to walk away down the white road and found these men escorting me once again.


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