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The Secretive Moon

We have long been fascinated with our moon, however, the truth about the moon has long been shrouded in mystery and theory. Our moon behaves completely different than any other moon that science has been able to observe; so what exactly is the moon to us? The moon does not seem to follow any logical pattern in the orbit, only one side of the moon is visible to us, and it appears to not rotate like all other visible bodies. The moon seems to affect our gravitational field, the ebbs and tides of the oceans, and our human emotions. But what is this strange body that is so completely different than all the others?

There are as many theories about the moon as there are answers and facts. Our many trips to the moon have also been in question so I am not certain if we have physically visited this body. It does seem very strange that it was portrayed that we made it through the Van Allen Radiation belt with the equipment that is now on display in museums. Additionally, it has bee reported that we no longer have the technology to get to the moon; this seems very strange indeed because the computing power that the Apollo missions had was only a small portion of what an average cellphone has now. If you read through biblical scripture, it also seems that the moon, stars, and the sun are simply placed within a firmament much akin to a planetarium. History of our ancient texts also show that the moon has not always been in our skies, and this insinuates that this body was placed here at some point. Regardless of all the controversy and theories, the moon still sits on our horizon and many of us remain curious.

Recently I reviewed a portion of the Awaken conference by David Icke and was captivated by the information that was shared about the moon. David quoted some information from the Chani project that helped clear up some of the mysteries for me. The CHANI Project is basically of group of researchers who were utilizing a CERN like collider to communicate with an entity from another dimension. Considering the information that was provided, the following information was revealed about the moon (quoted from the Awaken conference).

· The moon is not a natural heavenly body.

· Life was better for humans before the moon came…”Moon Forces” control time and manipulate the mood of humans.

· The moon is there to control the earth’s mood and a big calm would come over the earth without the moon – there would be only be little storms, not big storms.

· The “Old Race” (Archons) captured the moon from space and located it next to the earth.

Without the moon…

· People and animals would become calm and peaceful and anxiety and fear would dramatically decline.

· The oceans would be much calmer, heavy thunderstorms and lightning would be rare and the climate would be balanced with no extreme heat or cold.

· Telepathic and inter-dimensional communication would become widespread and people would be able to see new colours in an enhanced colour spectrum.

· There would be major changes to the human respiratory system as blood and breathing chemistry changed. Those born after the moon’s demise would be able to hold their breath under water for hours at a time.

I also wanted to do my own research and found that much of this information was validated through a hypnosis client of mine. This client is quite amazed with the moon and wanted to ask about this under hypnosis for more clarification. The first session we did manifested that the moon was false, and we took this to mean that it was not an actual body circling around the earth. Recently we repeated the hypnosis session and the question was once again brought up. This time, it was revealed that the moon was in fact an artificial body that was brought into our solar system by “others” for the purpose of control. The moon is reported to be controlled from the inside by what we would call aliens, for the purpose of controlling our emotions and for the suppression of the evolution for the human species.

For me, all this information is very enlightening and helps me solve some of the mystery of the moon. Although this validation works for me, I would always suggest that you do your own research and decide for yourself what your truth and belief will be regarding our moon. The moon is certainly the great mystery in our sky.

You can find more information on the CHANI Project at the following link.

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