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The Healing Ranch

When a calling and a dream arrive, we don’t always accept, believe, or act on this calling.  Sometimes it takes many years to realize or believe in the message that you received, and sometimes it takes great changes in our lives for us to remember that calling.  We received a very clear message many years ago, which in many ways has begun to formulate, but this plan has recently been unfolding at a great rate.  Approximately 6 years ago, both of us received a very straightforward and direct message that our mission was to help the women of this world to evolve and heal.  This message was not only in our minds, I received a physical tap on my right shoulder, as the message was delivered.  The most synchronistic part of this message was that both of us received the same message, at the same time, even though we were in different locations. 


There are also dreams that we are born with, which one day becomes our life purpose.  Our given mission to help women evolve is now being combined or mixed with the dream of creating a healing ranch.  Horses are the most amazing animals and are superb for healing our traumas and pain.  We are now at the point in life where we are being thrust into the dream and the message and are now wholeheartedly moving forward with creating an amazing place of healing. 

Our mission is to create a place of healing that provides healing at all levels of existence including the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and metaphysically.  Combining all these appropriate modalities with the assistance of the amazing healing power of horses is the ultimate goal.

Our vision is to provide a safe place for women to heal, evolve, and become the wonderful human beings that they are meant to be.  This plan is at grassroots right now and we currently seeking out solutions for location and funding, but this is the ultimate goal for our culminate everything we do into one location and provide a safe haven for healing.


Mazak ETS, LLC is currently a FOR PROFIT business and we cannot offer donation letters for tax incentives, however, if you are inclined to help in any way, please click the donation box below.


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