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Do you ever wonder about your loved ones who have crossed over to the "other side"?  Many times we feel like there is unfinished business that must be attended to when we lose a friend or a relative.  Imagine that you can receive messages from those that have departed that can provide you with peace of mind.   The ability to communicate is within all of us but sometimes we need the help of others.  

There are a lot of definitions of what a medium does and how they get information.   However, a medium is able to channel information through


  • Sight - Clairvoyance (clear vision)

  • Taste - Clairtgustance (clear tasting)

  • Hearing - Clairaudience (clear hearing)

  • Feeling - Clairsentience (clear sensation/feeling)

  • Smell - Clairscent (clear smelling)

  • Touch -  Clairtangency (clear touching)


or any combination of these. 

Regardless of the gift of the medium, messages can be received from your loved ones that can give you peace of mind and get you the answers you may be seeking.

Come join us for a reading and find out what your loved ones have to say!

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