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Based on the Teachings of Usui Reiki Energy

Intuitive Reiki is based on the principles and practices of Usui Reiki energy. 


Each session is dedicated to the discovery of the function of each of the main seven chakra centers and the minor chakras throughout the body. 

The feel, shape and energy of each of the chakra centers determine how they are functioning and what should be done to correct imperfections. 


A block in the chakras disrupts the flow of energy from the root through to the crown.  Any dysfunction of a chakra disturbs the flow and the connection causing limited connection with the universe and the source. 


Working with the chakras to clear, unblock and reenergize them is done during the session. 


Aligning your chakras will allow the flow from you to your maker to allow a truly enlightened life.  A simple way to understand Reiki is to imagine it as an energy massage.  

The universe and the source provide additional information during the session to include messages from those who have crossed over, information from past lives and even messages from those currently in our lives.   The energy of your body portrays many things about you without you even verbalizing anything about yourself.  

Reiki certification classes are available for levels:


  • 1 - Beginner

  • 2 - Intermediate

  • 3 - Master Teacher

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