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8 Tips for Living Healthy and Saving Money

Guest Author: Sheila Olson

If you want to live healthy, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. It’s possible to save money by staying physically active, eating well, and purchasing the most affordable goods and services. Here are eight tips for living healthy and saving money.

1. How Being Healthy Helps You Save

Being healthy helps you save money in many ways. For example, if your premiums are based on height/weight ratios and blood pressure readings, getting into shape will mean a lower bill every month. Also, walking or biking instead of driving helps save on gas and other car-related expenses.

2. Buying Only What You Will Eat

The average American household wastes about 31.9% of its food purchases. That translates to about $1,866 wasted per year. To save money on groceries, only buy what you will eat — and make a habit of being disciplined when grocery shopping. Also, when possible, purchase nonperishable items in bulk to store them until you need them.

3. Bulk Buying From Warehouses

Rather than paying high prices at grocery stores, you can save money by buying in bulk. Buying in bulk also helps reduce your environmental footprint; it’s better to consume a single item (in some cases) than to keep throwing away excess packaging.

4. Growing Food Yourself

Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive. To save money, consider growing some of your own produce. Whether you have a small vegetable garden in your backyard or just a few pots on your porch, it’s not hard to save money by growing vegetables at home.

5. Going Vegetarian Once Per Week

Eating less meat can be good for both your wallet and your waistline. Buying less expensive cuts of meat, like chicken thighs instead of breasts, can help you save on food costs. Also, consider buying fruits and vegetables in season, as these foods tend to be less expensive during this time


6. Using Fitness Apps to Track Your Progress

It's easy to neglect your fitness goals when you don't have a way to track them. Luckily, many free apps can keep you accountable. For example, Strava tracks your activity such as cycling, running, walking, and more. Also, MyFitnessPal helps you track what you eat, lose weight, or build muscle.

7. Looking for Employee Wellness Plans

Many employers have built-in wellness programs that can help you save money. From childcare to discounted gym memberships, employers are willing to work with employees to have a happy and healthy staff.

8. How to Monetize Your Healthy Lifestyle

Create an affiliate blog about your money-saving habits, open a yoga studio, or start a sports gear business to monetize your new lifestyle. Ensure you get client payments in a timely and precise manner. By using an invoice template, you can design professional-looking invoices that incorporate your logo and match your brand. Select from many pre-made templates and personalize your invoice by adding your company's name, logo, brand colors, and other relevant information.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Remember that living healthy doesn’t mean going broke. Using these tips will lead to a healthier lifestyle while helping your bank account grow.

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