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Are Extraterrestrials Real?

I have long been curious about UFO and extraterrestrials but have never been granted this conscious experience. There are certainly some subconscious memories of these experiences, however, and I have recently been researching and studying the available evidence. Being a Psychic Medium myself, I have an innate understanding of how memories can be stored and placed out of the reach of the conscious mind. Our minds were clearly designed for survival, and sometimes information is detrimental and therefore stored deep in our subconscious. These memories can be accessed by the right person or system, and recently, many of these memories have surfaced in myself. Speaking about myself is not the real goal in this article; I am only trying to outline how memories such, visits by off world visitors, can manifest in our lives.

When I was growing up, there was little to no true research, documentation, and available information about these kinds of incidents. Today is a completely different situation, there is very little that can not be found on any subject by accessing the internet and taking advantage of someone else's dedication to the truth. It makes sense in some ways that the governments of the world would not want us to know that UFOs and extraterrestrials have been visiting us for as long as humans have been on this planet. I would imagine that the billions of people on this planet would go into serious anarchy and this world may not be fit to live on if we knew the truth. On the contrary, people may realize that there are beings of higher evolution that want the best for us and would accept this scenario very well. Many researchers fear that the reason for hiding this knowledge is to preserve our government, industry, and religious ideology. Can you imagine how much of our science and current history would be shattered if those with actual extraterrestrial information came forward and told us everything?!

Many abductee stories report and absence of time and memory of certain portions and events of their lives. It seems rare for someone to consciously remember interactions with aliens. To draw buried subconscious memories, one must generally go under hypnosis, or deep meditation to reveal these memories. Over the last week I have read articles, books and watched documentaries about alien abductions and UFO experiences, and most of the information has been revealed under hypnosis. I also understand the power of hypnosis, because I also perform this service, and I my clients have revealed some very strange and interesting things. I have long wondered where years of my teenage years have gone from my conscious memory, and finally decided to do a deep meditation to see if I could recover something from the caverns of my subconscious. Sure enough, I journeyed back to a house I lived in when I was 10 years old and relived an experience with multiple off world entities. This does not entirely answer some of the other years of repressed memories, but it is certainly a start. Before you think crazy of me for revealing this experience, I have been told many times, through other Psychic Mediums, that I have had many extraterrestrial encounters throughout my life. To be honest, it is nice to be able to validate it through my own faculties through a self-journey.

But it goes much deeper than just this one meditation, I have had some profound memories and visions come forth since beginning this intense research. I titled this article the way I did because I asked to know the truth, and I strongly believe that I am getting this truth. The main UFO story that I have been researching is the Roswell Crashes, and I have been shown some interesting and detailed information since begging this research. Being a Psychic Medium I find that I can relive a story that I have heard, or one which I am currently listening to. I believe this is how Mediumship truly works, by connecting with the energy of others, and embedding your consciousness into this energy. As I was out for my power walk following a day of Roswell investigation, I had an intense download from this crash. I found myself seeing, feeling, and experiencing the crash of one of the saucers as the entity who was in control of it. I am sure that many of you may be thinking that this is my imagination acting up due to the viewing of this information; but let me assure you that this happens to me every time that I do a reading for a client, so this is nothing new for me.

So much for what happens in my psyche and let us discuss a physical presentation. The investigation and evidence from the Roswell crash manifested some interesting symbols on and within the craft. The pictures still exist and are available all over the internet and in many books. The next morning as I went to get in my vehicle to go somewhere for my job, I saw the most amazing display on the wall of the building in front of me. The picture I am speaking is at the top of this article and was taken with my cellphone as soon as I noticed it. As I looked at these symbols glowing on the building in front of me, I was overwhelmed by the fact that many of these symbols were identical to the ones in connection with the Roswell crash. I thought at first that these symbols were reflected by something behind the fence in front of me, but upon investigation, I could not locate the source of any reflection.

I thought that these symbols might represent an actual message of some sort, but I do not read alien hieroglyphics, so I began to seek out someone with more experience to help me out. I found someone to send my pictures and story to in the hopes of clarifying my interesting findings. I will not quote the translation exactly because I have not asked for permission to annotate the statements, however, I will summarize the findings. I was informed that these are markings that are displayed by alien craft to let their other craft know what their flight intentions are. Apparently, this is to avoid having to use any communication that could be picked up any of our communications systems. Even though this was not a specific message like I hoped it would be, it certainly validated that I am being told that aliens are among us and/or are visiting the earth.

Certainly, I am not alone in this search for the truth of visitations of others that are not from this world. The reason I wanted to recount this experience is to provide some credibility or hope to all those who are seeking this same validation. I simply asked to finally be shown the truth, and it was manifested for me, and anyone can do the same thing. You just might get what you ask for, so always choose wisely.

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