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Are We Dreaming?

Are We Dreaming?

The longer that I live, the more I ponder on my existence, and on whether existence is what it appears to us as our reality. Even with all our science and technology, I doubt we can truly define what existence definitively represents. We can only truly experience our reality through very limited senses, which is a very narrow spectrum of what is truly within a true existence. The sliver of enormous available information which surrounds us, cannot be completely experienced or understood by our conscious mind. However, I believe the subconscious part of our mind absorbs everything available in our universe, and unless we learn to tap into this part of our mind, we may always live in a limited dream like state. The subconscious mind is that part of us that completely understands everything there is, yet only provides us this information and experience when we learn to tap into that rich source of everything.

I can say with certainty that the subconscious mind knows much more about “us” than we know about us. I routinely experience what is like to communicate with the subconscious in my role as a hypnosis practitioner. The technique I was certified to perform has really opened my knowing of what is like to talk to another person’s subconscious mind, and the information available is astronomical. This is not an advertisement for services, it is an attempt at trying to convey that there is much more to experience than this limited dream we think we are living. Even outside of any fancy quantum theories, just based on the unlimited information and connection of the subconscious mind, it should be very obvious that we are likely living in a very limited dream state, with the connection of the mighty universe buried outside of our conscious reach. What if the subconscious mind is the “universal chip” that is buried deep within every living being, that is established and placed to foster the dream of our choosing, and to track us so that “we” will never get lost from our true selves?!

Our technology can certainly give a glimpse of what is like to be able to change what reality can be by simply changing the input to our mind. Let us look at virtual reality technology. It has become extremely hard to tell the difference in what a virtual technology can provide as an experience and what we think is our current reality. What makes that kind of technology cause us to experience something totally different to real life? I am not a rocket scientist, but I would offer that science has evolved to a point that we can now manipulate the human mind through exact and programmed frequencies and waves to cause any experience chosen. If we can manage this type of technology with our limited and narrowed conscious minds, how could we imagine that this vast universe, and all that may be included in that universe, could not easily cause new realities and dream like states in humanity? The immensity of what we know of the universe should cause us to truly question whether we are in a dream state, an altered reality, or some form of being asleep to our true selves.

I believe that Alan Watts wraps this dilemma into a single phrase, “What if when we die, we wake up?” What if we didn’t come into this world, but came from within this world? Perhaps we are simply dreaming a full life in a dream somewhere within someone else’s mind, the someone else who is really you simply experiencing something while you sleep? Have you ever had a dream within a dream? When you were dreaming, and you had a dream? Anyd you even knew you were dreaming within this dream? What if that is exactly what is happening to all of us right now – that we are dreaming within a dream – or even deeper than that – dreaming deep into many levels of dreams? I find it hard to believe that everything we experience in this reality is truly real and that is all that is available to us. For example, quantum mechanics has shown that particles of matter, even as small as an individual cell, are at least 99% empty space, and that this space is simply full of possibilities. So what does that say about what we think is real? Perhaps what we think is real is only a virtual reality of some sort, or some level of deep subconsciousness, or even some sort of dream state. The dreams that we normally experience have never been shown to have any real causality, where we have real experiences that are not real, as we know real to be. What then is the difference for what we seem to experience daily, where science has shown that what we have always thought to be real, is simply space full of possibilities?

I am thoroughly convinced that we are all living in a dream state, that is only an extension of some other source, some other mind, some other reality, and we will soon find out that we have been dreaming all along. In this current dream world that we live in, anything and everything is truly possible if we just apply the correct principles to achieve the things we seek after. Isn’t the availability of any possibility similar to the definition of a dream – where anything and everything is possible? I know for some people, this is a real stretch to the imagination, but I challenge you to ponder on these things and really think about your current reality.

You may soon realize that we are all living in some strange and unexplainable dream state. There are so many unanswered questions and so little time to discover them – set out on that journey of enlightenment that you have always wanted to – now is the time, while we are still yet asleep, to discover the true reality that we all hope to experience when we do wake up!

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