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Can We See With Our Hands?

Have you ever wondered if you, or others, can “see” with their hands? It feels like I have had this gift since I was a little tyke, but did not truly realize how this worked until recent years. I remember that medical supervisors were always encouraging me to go to medical school; I was consistently being told that my ability to feel what was going on under my hands was a skill set that was difficult to teach and find. I obviously dismissed any attempts to convince me to become a doctor, because I am far from being educated enough for that role. This article is not designed to brag about what I can do, but simply to talk about this ability, and also help others understand that sometimes gifts will chase you down. I did not have any formal training until I became a Reiki Master about 6 years ago, but I was still plagued with the ability to see and find things that other physical therapy practitioners could not find. I truly did not grasp how effective this gift was and learned to trust what I was seeing with my hands until I had a groundbreaking event (at least in my mind). I love to walk for my aerobic exercise and often felt compelled to pick up interesting objects off the ground as I was walking. Soon after I completed my formal Reiki training, my gift of seeing with my hands became exponentially stronger. Every time that I would pick up objects, especially on my walks, I would get fantastic visions and messages about and from the person who had the object last or most. Even though this was wonderful in a way, I never seemed to have an avenue to validate what I was getting. I even got to the point where I refused to pick up random objects any longer and often had arguments with my spirit guide about that action. I finally asked my spirit guide to provide me with validation and then it happened.

One night on one of my walks, I decided to pick up a broken shovel handle off the ground; of course, I began to argue with my spirit guide, who had asked me to pick it up. I finally conceded and instantly got a vision of an older black man with a thin graying beard. He gave me his name but I didn’t remember it for long. But what I do remember is that he kept stating “I need help” over and over. I thought this was quite amazing, as usual, but I still did not see the value of continuing this experiment. However, As I approached the drug store, on a street corner, at my turnaround point – I saw the very same man that was in my vision. He was sitting on the curb in the parking lot with some kind of drink in his hand, and when he saw me, his gaze locked on me and followed me as I passed him and then came back for the return trip. I wrestled with what I should do because I certainly did not have any money with me. I just kept going with the satisfaction and verification that my ability to pick up on the residual energy of objects, was a real phenomenon.

What exactly is this ability? This ability goes by many different names, but the primary term used to describe this ability is “Psychometry”. The basic idea is that some people are quite the receivers of energy from objects and living things; after all, everything in the universe is energy and by the laws of nature, everything should radiate out an energetic signature. For example, when an object is handled by a person, there is always some residual energy remaining on the object, and those who are sensitive to this residue can then receive information about the person who last handled the object. This effect is similar to drawing an object on a mirror that was fogged up by the steam of a shower. Once the steam has dissipated, the drawing is not necessarily visible, however, the steam of future showers will reveal the drawing on the mirror. The residual energy of the original drawing remains on the mirror but is not necessarily visible to your normal senses. In the same way, the energy of a person can remain on an object and can be transmitted to someone who has the gift of seeing with their hands. Obviously, the more energy that is left by a person, the stronger the message that can be received. Why and when would a gift like this be helpful? The ability to pick up this residual energy is very instrumental in connecting with someone who has died, especially if it belonged to that person, and was handled a lot. Connecting with deceased entities is not terribly hard when you learn how to tap into them, however, it is much easier, and quicker when you have an object that was handled by the entity that you are trying to connect with.

Remember that psychometry does not always have to be about the serious side of connecting with the former owner, it can also be a fun way of experimenting and experiencing residual energy. Those that are particularly sensitive to this residual energy may find, however, that they pick this up from all material objects and have difficulty being in the presence of a lot of people and used objects. Psychometry is not necessarily just picked up from objects, but can also be picked up from people, text messages, emails, phone calls, and written messages, as examples. I also use a technique for connecting with deceased entities, by having someone handwrite the name and the age, on a piece of paper, of the loved one that they want to connect with. The residual energy of this act allows a practitioner to receive information from the deceased and establishes a solid connection that can bring about even more information.

Just remember that everything has energy, and this energy can be received and deciphered to pick up what the original energy signature has embedded within it.

Try it out and have some fun with this!

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