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Do Fallen Angels Dream?

I have researched fallen Angels for a long time, and I recently developed a question about this scenario. I wonder what kind of dream a fallen Angel might have? The following is a story of what a dream might look like for one of the fallen. I wonder how realistic this would be?

I found myself in a short hallway, where there was a table to the left, a recliner at the end, and three doors to my right. The doors were painted white, but it was obvious that they were very old; the paint had never been updated and it was hanging and chipping off and was told that this is where I do my craft. For some reason, I went into the first door at the far end of the hallway. I only went in a short distance and was able to peer into one room on the left. This room or area was extremely cold, foggy and had a very creepy feeling. I found myself back in the hallway and was met by an Angel. She told me that this is where my origins started on this earth plane, that the door that I went into was my first experience here. She further explained that this was a type of “hell” as we might imagine it, and that it was a very severe and torturous experience that seemed to last for an eternity. The next two doors were subsequent lives that I experienced, but each time I had a life experience, I would return to this hallway for reconciliation and reset. The Angel told me that since I decided to “fall” from heaven to experience the sexual and lustful nature of humans, that I was sentenced to a lengthy sentence of searching for that perfect sexual union. She then led me out of the hallway to a door that led into a circular room, with at least 11 other doors that led to similar hallways. I looked straight up and there was what seemed like an eternity of floors with 12 more doors. She explained that I had been searching for my perfect union for an extremely long time, which always seems to realize the continuous struggles with this quest. Basically, this is the eternal damnation sentence that has been given to the 200 Angels that fell from heaven to experience the human experience. The Angel continued by saying that you can now decide your pathway, continue looking for an experience that my not truly exist, or return to the source at the end of this lifetime. To be honest, this decision seems easy, yet the human side still has that arrogance and drive to overcome and proceed in the mission.

Of course this is just my imagination, however, my question is, are fallen Angels truly evil beings, or beings simply being punished for a terribly bad decision to interact with human women?

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