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Does the Body Talk About You? A Letter to a Colleague

I was introduced to spirit guides and past lives prior to starting my Reiki training. I honestly did not feel much from my Reiki Master and felt like I only learned the mechanics of Reiki from him. However, I learned that I could receive things for other people very quickly when I started the training. A few minutes into the Reiki session that he was doing for me for demonstration, I began to see a past life of his, and even got some future revelations for him. I knew right then that using the energy of Reiki was going to take me places!

When I first started doing Reiki, I could certainly feel when something was not quite right, or if the energy was not what it should be, but I certainly did not know how to explain it. After 6 years of doing sessions for people, I have learned what I am feeling, and what it means.

I started using Reiki as a reading early on in my practice. In my very first paid session, I once again had my client’s deceased grandfather and his dog pop in. I started to see patterns begin to evolve when analyzing the energy from around the body and how it was correlating to the problems/issues that my client was having. So, I began to talk my way through every chakra and body part that I was working with – and as I talked my way through, I began to learn even more about what the body was saying about my clients.

What is interesting about our bodies, is that we are a record of what is going on in our lives, past, present, and future. The body does not ever lie, and I can tell my client much of what is going on in their lives, simply by how the energy feels. In many ways, I feel like I have become very good and blending my energy with that of my client, and in that way, I can see things through their senses.

Working with Reiki has also demonstrated that my intuition and my psychic medium abilities were very strong. Essentially, Reiki woke me up to a whole new world of knowing. Information for a client comes from many aspects to include the physical body and the energy body. What I have realized is that our bodies are simply an external representation of what is going on within our consciousness.

Everything about a person tells a story; here are some ideas/areas that talk about a person.

Lines on our palms.

Shape of our hands.

Back of our hands.

What fingers you wear rings on.

Jewelry and where it is worn.


Tattoos – what they are and where they are.

Their eyes and how they move.

Diseases and dysfunctions.

Where pain is located.

Their age.

Their gender.

These are just some of the examples – I continue to learn new things almost every time I work with a client. Sometimes I lay out the Tarot Cards or connect with a deceased loved one for my clients, but ultimately, reading their energy and the actual person is where most of the information seems to come from – that is why Reiki is a good modality to develop into a life reading!

Just so you know, my psychic medium readings are normally delivered to me in pictures or symbiology. Sometimes it is like seeing a pink elephant and trying to describe it to your client. Remember that spirit speaks a much higher language than we do, so generally messages come in the form of visual images and symbiology. Once you learn how your spirit guides speak to you, then you can be better at translating what you are seeing to your clients. Also remember that what the client is seeking clarification for, is not always what comes through in a message; spirit may decide that they need to see something different than they are asking for. Also, the messages you get may not always make sense form your clients right now, it may be a message that will be clarified later for them. I have information given to me by my spirit guides that did not makes sense for years.

What I am saying here is that the messages you get for your clients are correct, and what they need to know right now. The hardest part of doing readings for people, is trusting what you get, but trust is the key to being a great reader. At first it feels like you are making it up, but you are not, trust what you get, and you will blossom into an awesome reader!

I am also careful how I communicate future things to my clients, especially if they are bad events. For example, if you see them dying in a car accident because of a malfunction in their steering, you might simply suggest to them that they have their car checked out. The future is not here yet, and decisions we make today can change outcomes, however, knowing that something drastically different may happen in our lives, can change how we live our lives. In that sense, we may not truly complete our purpose in this life if we know the outcome and change the course of how we live our lives.

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