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Dying in a Dream….What Does That Mean?

Dreams are normally realized when we are sleeping and often leave us confused, scared or excited about the content that we witness. I find it interesting that it takes turning off or shutting down the conscious mind in order to access the connection to other realities. When we do shut down the conscious mind, through sleep, or by other methods, then we find that we are limitless to experience any type of reality. These realities, in this dream state, can seem as real as our current reality, but many people discount these dreams as just that, dreams. The information that we can gather or receive through dreams can be very valuable and can assist us greatly in our journey. Dreams are a very clever way for our spirit guides provide guidance, especially without the conscious mind getting in the way, thereby making us a command audience. Our spirit guides do not necessarily speak the same language that we do, so they utilize symbology to convey the messages that we need to hear. Once we learn how our Spirit Guides use these symbols, then we can begin to piece together the possible meanings or messages. It seems that when we are in the dream state, we are most certainly having an out of body experience, or what some call astral traveling. This happens when our spirit leaves our physical body, tethered by a cord, to explore those dimensions and realities beyond our current physical reality. I believe we all travel during sleep and some have learned to have conscious memory and control during the dream state. This type of dreaming can also be called Lucid dreaming due to this state feeling just as real as our daily state. There are many facets of dreaming that we will leave for a later time because what I really wanted to discuss is the subject of dying during the dreaming states. I have been taught and told all my life that if you are dying in your dream, then you are physically dying, which is why we would normally wake up just before we die in our dreams. Truly I have never heard of anyone dying in their sleep and living to tell about it – until recently. I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine, where I was told that they routinely die in their dreams, multiple times during each dream, and has been experiencing this phenomenon for the last 7 years. I suddenly became very concerned as this goes against everything I have ever been told, and against all my personal experience. Although I have had some tremendously interesting experiences in my dreaming state, I have never died in my dreams. The interesting thing about this is that this person has experienced much trauma in their lives, which is beginning to affect their attitude and personality. I decided to confer with a trauma therapist and do some research on the subject. It turns out that dying in dreams is more common than I thought, and that it presents a much deeper meaning than physically dying. The spiritual or metaphysical meaning of death, or dying, represents the end of something and the beginning of another path in our lives; I am not saying that death in a dream does not mean literal death, because I certainly think it can. Talking to my friend about their experiences with this phenomenon has really made me rethink what kind of message this brings to a dream. I decided to do a meditation regarding my friend and see what my spirit guides had to convey about this dream dying. I was told that their dreams are them peering into all their past lives -- looking at everything that they have ever experienced to figure out how to use these experiences in this life. Basically, they are trying to reinvent themselves, find the traumatic experiences in their minds and put them to death for rebirth to happen. This analogy helped me to understand the dying process in our dreams. I also do past life regression for my clients and I normally walk them through each life all the way to the day of death. Regression is a great way to experience past lives to also help us understand some of the struggles in our current life that may have crossed over. Sometimes my clients experience their current life during regression; I had a client have this experience recently and I did walk them to the day of death. I was surprised when they saw how they died and what that felt like; this is normal when experiencing a past life, but I have never seen someone experience this when reliving a current life. I was somewhat concerned because I wondered if this was a future prediction of how they would die in this current life. This person also has a lot of trauma to work through and they were in the theta state of consciousness when this was experienced. Essentially this person was in a dream state and they experienced the same type of message that there needs to be an end, or death to issues in this life, for a rebirth to happen. I find it extremely interesting about the synchronicity of my learning lessons this week. I strongly encourage everyone to truly pay attention to their dreams; as you can see, we can all learn something significant if we truly pay attention and listen to our spirit guides.


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