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Have You Ever Met Your Trauma?

The recent times have ushered in great energetic changes and many people are feeling this change. As a Psychic Medium, I experience things that seem very strange to most people, however, I am also experiencing very strange and unique even to someone with this gift. I have heard many explanations for this phenomenon, and I probably would not do justice to the explanation, but I do know great and wonderful changes in energy are certainly happening at an exponential rate. What has been happening for me is very strange, yet very wonderful, and has increased my understanding of the universe. Recently, I have had some interactions with entities, or energy beings, that appear to be something from a very futuristic science fiction movie.

I work part time out of a metaphysical shop, and last time I arrived to begin sessions/readings, I felt some strange energy in one of the session rooms. I spoke to the owner of the store, and she asked if I would clear the room, and I agreed. I closed all the doors to the room and sat down to meditate to discover what might be going on in this room. As soon as I connected, a female entity came into view, and I began to have a conversation with her. She told me that her name is trauma, and that she was released by the last practitioner that was in the room. This entity kept complaining that she was released from a female client and was just left there in the room. I could see the client lying on the table but did not recognize that client. The entity kept saying repeatedly that she was just left there. She told me that the practitioner was very good at releasing trauma, but was not good at helping them depart, and was simply leaving these trauma spirits in the room.

I think the best information that this “trauma” told me was that “you simply cannot just simply remove trauma without replacing it with something else”. She further explained that a whole lot of metaphysical practitioners are removing trauma and leaving a huge and unprotected piece of the human. When you remove the trauma, without filling it back in with something wholesome, it is almost the same as removing the antivirus from your computer. Perhaps you removed a specific trauma from someone, but without at least putting in place, some type of protection, then that person is susceptible to other attacks or traumas. The best thing to do when removing trauma, is to have a plan to replace that trauma with something else, and not wait until something else creeps in.

This trauma entity also stated that she was just going to wait, and not cross over, because the client that she came from always seems to reinvite her back in. I told her that she should honor this client and remain separated from her. The entity continued by saying that she was one of the fallen angels, and that her penance was to find a host, as trauma, throughout the life of the host. I asked how she received her assignments from client to client, but she said she had no recollection how that happens. She further explained that they only way that she can ever feel anything close to being human, was when she is functioning within the body of a host. I asked if her existence as trauma within a human would correlate to what we might call possession, and she said yes. This entity clearly did not want to leave this plane, as she feels that the astral plane, where she hangs out in between her assignments, is very dark and scary. I managed to find a guide who stepped forward to help her cross back over, and she finally agreed to move on from this room.

I never imagined that I would ever speak to entities such as trauma, but stranger things will likely happen, and I feel like this is only the beginning.

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