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How Do We Evolve? Do We Even Have A Choice?

I am a hypnosis practitioner and it seems that I hear and learn something new during every session that I conduct. The awesome thing about hypnosis work is that we are working a deep subconscious level and connecting purely to the spiritual world. With this type of connection, we are receiving information and guidance from outside of ourselves and removing the human dimension from the equation. In this way, there is no opportunity to distort the information based on our inherent human beliefs and emotions. I am also a psychic medium, and I realize that information that I connect to in the spiritual realm, still has to be processed through my own perceptions, and can at times be altered from the pure message. I am not saying that receiving information through a human mind will always be distorted; however, I am saying that there is always a chance that our own values and concepts may skew how we interpret the information that is coming through us.

Recently, I performed a hypnosis session that provided me with some additional insight and helped me strengthen what I already believed for myself. During hypnosis, questions are asked through the client, who is connected to the spiritual world through their subconscious; and the answers are also answered through their subconscious and verbalized by the client. One of the questions raised during this session was: “Even though I physically sleep well, and for a long time, why do I always wake up exhausted as if I have been working mentally all night?” I feel like I already knew the answer, but to hear it from the spiritual world solidified and etched this answer onto my heart. To summarize the response, the spirit world informed the client that they were spending all her sleep time teaching her, mentoring her, showing her past lives, and upgrading their mind. They continued by saying that if the client would simply trust and learn to listen to them in a conscious and awake state, they would not have to bother her at night while they were sleeping.

The was likely the best question and answer that I have received over all my years of performing hypnosis. What I truly understand about this message, is that no matter if you are consciously trying to evolve as a human, you will still be evolved by the spiritual world. In other words, whatever you are supposed to become, no matter what you are supposed to do, and no matter what you are supposed to learn – you will learn it at some level regardless. I personally like to wake up feeling rested and don’t want to have to learn things the hard way. Learning to listen to the spiritual world, then learn to trust spirit, is a simple process, yet is not necessarily an easy thing to do. We truly have a choice of how we are going to evolve, we can volunteer, or we can be voluntold!!!

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