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Is The Mandela Effect Real?

Is the Mandela Effect a real phenomenon? I have done a fair amount of research into this effect and can't say I have been entirely convinced based on the examples I have been shown.

I am at home this week for leave from my military mission and had some interesting experiences that seem to align with the Mandela Effect. There are two major things that stand out for me.

One is that there is a company van parked in a driveway a few houses away that I have never seen before. I mentioned to my wife that this van is new -- she told me that the van has always been there and that it has never moved.

Secondly, there is a relatively new auto collision repair store outside of my neighborhood. I remember this store being a different company with completely different branding -- now it is a whole different color and company name. This is strange because the store has only been open for a couple of months. My wife reports that this store has always been that brand and name.

I am not saying that these experiences prove the Mandela Effect but it clearly gets me thinking. Maybe they actually changed the car collision company that quickly, and maybe that van has always been there, who really knows?

Perhaps one of us is remembering things incorrectly?

Maybe there is some truth to changes to our timeline that have happened in our absence?

Could this be that I have slipped over to another timeline where things are just a little different while being mostly the same?

There are many other things that just seem off, or different, but I won't bore you all with all the small details. I feel like the energy of this reality has been changing and timelines are beginning to intermix -- perhaps these types of events help to validate that idea.

What are your thoughts?

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