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Life Between Lives!

Many new and different experiences seem to be coming my way recently, and this is no different than what many of my clients are reporting. It seems that the high levels of energetic changes on this planet, have really begun to affect all of us, and no one seems to be immune to these changes. Although I cannot prove to anyone that the energy of the earth is changing, it has clearly been discussed among many communities including the spiritual, metaphysical, and scientific circles. Although I could not entirely explain what is happening recently, there do seem to be some great changes happening around the planet. I have been picking up on some interesting trends in my hypnosis practice that I wanted to share.

I am a practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, which was pioneered by Dolores Cannon, and continued by her daughter Julia. This modality is quite an amazing technique for connecting the subconscious mind of the client to the spiritual world for authentic answers and quality healing. During this process, the client is not conscious, nor in control of the session, and in that way, the information and healing coming through are not tainted by the human conscious part of the mind. The idea of this hypnosis technique is to bring the client down to the theta state of consciousness in order to use the connection of the subconscious to all there is. In this way, the practitioner can ask questions through the client, and the answers flow back through the client, without interference from the thinking part of the mind. The induction includes visits through several past lives and for the most part, the lives that are seen are normal human experiences. Every once in a while, we get to see lives on other planets and lives on spaceships as other examples.

Recently I conducted two sessions that resulted in the viewing of “Life Between Lives”, which has never happened for me in the past 6 years of conducting this type of hypnosis. This space of existence is dedicated to the review of the last life you lived, resetting your energy, learning from the source, planning, and choosing your next life experience. Religious texts may refer to this space as judgment day or purgatory, where you are not incarnate as a body, existing as a spirit or energy, but not yet connected back to the source or God. My understanding of having been granted a view of this experience shows that this is a place where your soul is there just to “be”, and that your next experience is decided for you, but you get to decide when you are ready to incarnate again. When my clients arrived at this space, they did not want to leave, so I never had the ability to move them into other lives to view. It seemed difficult, at best, to try and describe the peaceful and loving nature of this space, and put it into human terms and emotions. It also felt very foreign to me while trying to move them around in this space and acquire more information about what they experienced there; while visiting an incarnated life, it is quite easy to move them around in time, space, and experience. But here in the life between lives space, there truly was no actual body, no solid boundaries, no real “time” to move them through, so I had to learn how to quickly adapt and be creative. Also, it felt laborious for my clients to explain in the terms of human emotion, what this space felt like; my understanding of the spiritual world, is that spiritual entities are not bound by the same emotional program that humans have to endure.

Our human existence is quite labored with emotions that seem to rule our perceptions and our lives quite literally. My experience has led me to the conclusion that human existence simply boils down to energy that is organized into individual bodies which are ruled by emotional programming. The scientific community supports the fact that emotions are intricately connected to memory and this can be beneficial as well as harmful. Many people that I coach claim that they have released their trauma, yet feel the same residual feelings and experiences of these bad times; in my opinion, without releasing the emotional aspect of the traumas, you will likely retain these experiences in your consciousness. It is easy to associate an explanation for how human emotions feel while incarnated as a human being, however, in the spiritual world as an energetic being, it is not even truly possible to explain. I believe that spiritual beings understand emotions, but they are clearly not bound by the programming that we humans experience.

It is not surprising that it was difficult for my clients to put into human words what they were being exposed to in the spiritual world. So, when my clients want me to connect with their deceased loved ones to find out if they are okay, I can clearly inform them that they are better than okay. From what description I was able to acquire from my clients, the life between lives space is quite lovely, peaceful, and full of unbounded love. Moving my clients to experience the “source” was an even more exhilarating experience – there truly were no words that they could come up with when they were in that energy – way beyond what a human mind can conceive.

I am at peace with my transition from this body when it occurs because I have been given the privilege of knowing what awaits me on the other side!!


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