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Living The Dream?

How is it going today my friend? You know how it is – just living the dream. How many times have we heard people respond to us with that phrase? How many times have we used that phrase ourselves? I wonder if anyone has put some thought behind what happens when we make statements like this; if we only truly know that we are a product of our continuous thoughts and the words we speak! I wonder if everyone truly thinks that what they do every day is really what they dream about; if we are truly living our dream, then making this statement would make perfect sense. I would venture to guess that about 99% of the population are simply surviving and not necessarily thriving, and certainly are truly far beyond what they would consider their dream. Let’s take a moment and break this down.

I coach a large number of clients, and there is one question I routinely ask my new clients. I could hand you an unlimited debit card from God, the universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, and you could now do anything you wanted in life, without limits, or the possibility of failure, what would you find yourself doing? Only a small percentage of these clients actually know what their dream is, or have even entertained what they really want to do or be in their lives. Many of these clients only think of all the others in their idea of a dream and still fail to know what they want for themselves. Even those that have a grasp on what they want as their dream, still do not find themselves chasing this dream with any kind of passion. Even if we know what we want out of life, and we are not doing anything about that dream, it is simply just a glorious wish. I can’t imagine telling someone, as a standard answer, that we are living the dream – when in fact very few of us are truly living our golden dream.

Do you know the strangest thing I have discovered? Most of us never achieve our dreams because we simply have no dreams. It is very difficult to know if we are hitting the success target if we have no target to even aim at. Most of us have no idea where we are headed and then find ourselves somewhere that we don’t want to be. We all have enough sense to know that if we get in our car to go somewhere, we have to know where we want to end up. If we were just to get in our cars and start driving, we would likely never reach any destination that we care to be at. Why then, do we “drive” our lives without any destination or direction? There are clearly a lot of reasons, but primarily we all have gotten ourselves into survival mode, and end up settling with a job or a career simply to make enough money to pay the bills. Those of us who go somewhere to work 8 hours a day, or more, with people that we would not ever choose to spend time with, will find themselves unfulfilled, burned out, and starving for something more in their lives. Finding oneself in a dilemma such as this can truly be due to true hardship and working somewhere to survive may be necessary for a while, however, many of us have fallen into this trap simply because we have overspent our budgets, and dove headfirst into debt simply because of all the “things” we think we need to have.

No matter where we find ourselves in this crazy hamster wheel scenario, it is never too late to design and chase your dream. Remember at the beginning of this article that I made reference to our consistent thoughts and words? Well, there are many things listening to our thoughts and words and are only manifesting what we consistently think and speak. First of all, and most prominent, is that our subconscious mind is listening “all the time” and never turns off. Our conscious mind, or thinking mind, is active only while we are awake, and is primarily under our control, however, it is not the part of the mind that directs us and runs our normal programs – the subconscious mind is what runs 95% or more of our daily lives through automatic programs. The subconscious is also the part of the mind that does not question what you imagine or say, stores the experiences as real, whether you are making them up, or it is our actual reality. The subconscious mind is like the Army private that does not question what the conscious mind, or the Army general, directs it to work on and manifest. It does take consistency to reprogram or make changes, at the subconscious level, but it is completely possible with concerted effort. But we are also a product of our consistent thoughts and words and when we continually mutter the phrase, “just living the dream”, are we not convincing the deeper parts of ourselves, that we are actually living our dream? We all know that most of the jobs we go to do daily are not what we would choose to participate in as our dream. To be honest, most of us are not even aware that we are unhappy, and simply continue to chase a false sense of a dream – climbing the ladder of success in someone else’s company for example.

Are you living your dream?

Are you living your passion?

Do you wake up every morning ready to participate in your daily activities?

Are you thriving or simply surviving?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What are you waiting for?

I dare you to determine what you really want your life to look like!

I dare you to chase a dream!

I dare you to find what drives your passion!

I dare you to start working towards that dream or goal!

I dare you to be different than everyone else!

In order to change something in your life, something in your life must change, otherwise, every day will be just like every day. No one ever changed the world by doing the same thing as every other person is doing – we must get out of the illusion that we are living our dream and chase what really matters to us. Remember that our job is to determine the dream and our why – the how is none of our business – because no business can be done until we know what the dream is. We must know where we are going, why we are going, and how we will feel when we are finally living our passion.

I dare you to get started with your real life!!!!

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