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Meditation Using “The One Chair”

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I recently became a graduate student enrolled in Transpersonal Psychology. Part of the assignments require trying daily meditations utilizing different techniques. For my first meditation I decided to use “The One Chair” method, which means just that, no incense, music, crystals, simply sitting in a chair and meditating. Although I normally meditate this way, I went into this meditation with a different intention because it was an assignment. What follows is the experience that I had during this meditation.

As I meditated tonight, I found myself in complete darkness, with only shadows and shapes moving about. I was given the following message: the darkness is part of all living things and is a necessary part of life. The darkness contains the base material of existence and all the necessary “nutrients” for the development of our soul. Here we find nourishment and the place where we need to go when we die to ourselves, or the idea of what we think we are. We must continuously die to ourselves to reset and expand within the light. We cannot separate the darkness and the light because each aspect of these is necessary to balance our existence. When we die to ourselves, we become a much better and different version of ourselves. Just like the seed that is planted in the ground only to emerge into the light, but still always connected to the darkness for vital nourishment. For in the darkness, we find life, we find out who we really are, because we cannot rely on what we see, but find that we must trust and connect to the source through our minds. In the darkness we thrive on the pure connection to the universe because that is all there is, our only choice is to channel the true source through our consciousness. When we emerge into the light, we must remember that without the connection of the darkness, our existence will not thrive. Some think that being in the light is the ultimate goal, but the true goal is to be able to expand into the light while maintaining the connection with the darkness. We simply cannot exist with only the darkness or the light, we must have both, in perpetual balance.

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