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NATO/New World Order Timeline

Recently, I had a meditation journey that seemed quite different, detailed, and prophetic in nature. This meditation found me arriving within a group of buildings, that appeared to be more rounded at the top of these buildings. I was arriving from above and once on the ground, I found that I was standing on a great round seal, which was divided into slices, with different symbols on each slice. In the center of the seal was a small obelisk that seemed to be about 10-15 feet high. As I approached the obelisk, it became transparent and within this structure appeared a being which was a humanoid female. As I looked around the outskirts of the seal, other beings appeared out of the dark areas and made their way to their place around the seal. They were all dressed in long robes, and all seemed to have some type of head covering; none of the beings around the seal communicated with me. The obelisk began to descend into the ground leaving the female being there in the center of the seal. This being, whose name was communicated to be Heidi, validated for me that timelines are in fact converging and that the great reset of the cosmos is happening very quickly. The validation was in reference to a vision I had that showed all of the possible timelines converging, to a single timeline, in the very near future, which has been happening since 2012. Further related to me, was that no number of choices will affect the outcome of this convergence and that this culmination into a single timeline is necessary for the great awakening and reset of our universe.

Once I finished with my meditation, I found myself catching up on the news of the world, and as I was reviewing some live updates on the Russia/Ukraine issues, I saw a picture that made me stop the video in astonishment. There was a picture of what I just witnessed in my meditation a few minutes earlier; the picture was the main landing page of google maps when you type in “Ukraine”. Additionally, I was viewing a live video of an emergency United Nations meeting that was convened to address the potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, and once again stopped the video when I saw what the chambers looked like. The United Nations chamber was set up almost identically to the layout of the meditation of the great seal. To add to this synchronicity, I had someone walk me through one of my past lives, and you guessed it, the life I was viewing showed integration with the same great seal in the aspect and layout given to me in my meditation. At this point, I have seen this same “picture” through many different means, and I was becoming extremely interested in the correlation.

I decided to conduct a purposeful meditation journey to visit this great seal again and gather some additional information about why I am being shown this same visualization. I found myself standing in the middle of the great seal and being addressed by Heidi, the beings around the outside of the seal, and a couple of other prominent beings. The message delivered validated that the New World Order, or the management of the earth through the United Nations, was happening as predicted by many others, and was necessary for the great awakening. I am sure that by now, many of you have heard of Agenda 2030, which was adopted by all the nation-states under the United Nations charter, in 2015. In short, this is the culmination of balanced and sustainable earth under a centralized government. I was assured during this meditation that this culmination of the timelines and the gathering of control under one governmental body, was necessary and required actions during the great awakening that is upon us. It also seems that much of religious prophecies point to the beginning of the end starting with the country of Russia.

Obviously, the future is not here yet, and many things can change, however, I believe the earth is on a trajectory towards great change and reset.

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