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Our Reality May Be Stranger Than You Can Imagine

The reality that we believe we are existing in, may not be anything like we believe it is or by what we have been taught to believe. It seems that there have been many challenges to what we have been taught to believe, and some of these theories can make your head spin, and truly challenge what we consider to be normal. I came across a couple of stories recently that seem very unbelievable, yet also carry some validity to them.

The first theory that I wanted to share has been presented by a young man named Max Laughlin. To quote from a recent story: “Many people compare him to Nikola Tesla, calling him, even considering him his reincarnation. Obviously, this is nothing more than a parallel to the genius who may once have changed the world. However, when you hear one of the most controversial theories given by this little genius, doubts assail us. This little intellectual eminence has suggested that the European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, has destroyed our Universe and we currently live in a parallel Universe. Recall that it is not the first time that CERN, that giant tunnel based in Switzerland, was used by scientists to break up subatomic particles in an attempt to recreate the Big Bang. As a result of all these experiments, it is possible that our reality, the Universe itself, has been destroyed. As a result of this, all of us are currently in a parallel Universe.Max Laughlin and his controversial theory: CERN sent us to a parallel universe? - The Strange Tales.

What Max is speaking of is the time frame in 2012 when CERN first discovered what they thought was the smallest particle – the God Particle which they named the Higgs-Boson particle. For those of you that are not familiar with CERN and what they do – they have a very large, miles in diameter, Hadron Collider that is used to smash opposing atoms together to break down matter to the smallest possible size. In this way, they are seeking to discover more about our universe, specifically how our universe began. There are those that claim that this massive amount of energy has the ability to open portals to other dimensions, thus allowing many strange things to happen and to enter into this dimension. Other dimensions are not a new theory and the scientific community has tried to lasso this dynamic and has coined it quantum physics and quantum mechanics. We in fact do have quantum computers that are actually pulling in many numerous realities to allow computation at a much higher speed and level. So, Max may very well be correct in his theory.

The next theory also revolves around the 2012-time frame. The theory suggests that our world was actually destroyed in 2012 which has been suggested to be predicted by the Mayans. I am sure most of us remember the theories and fears that were being circulated around the world in relation to the discovery of a Mayan calendar that ended in December 2012. The theory that has recently been circulating around the internet is the “We Are All Dead Theory”, with claims that the entire population perished on this Mayan timeline and we are all simply in a dream state now. The scientific community has established that our brains stay active, or alive, for an average of 7 minutes after death, and this theory suggests that we are all simply living in this 7-minute state. It is also suggested that there is no such thing as time, as we know it, in the spirit world; time is only something that we “experience” in life within our current reality. If time is only a relative measure, and does not appear to matter when we are outside of this human body, then even one second of this reality could feel like a thousand years. We all may simply be experiencing the aftermath of having perished in 2012.

These theories are quite extreme, but certainly, make me wonder what we are actually experiencing in this life we navigate through. I have had experiences of mixing with other dimensions, and many of my clients have as well, so I don’t think that either of these theories is implausible, I could go on for a long time about dimensional experiences that others have had, however, I digress. In our modern age of information and science, we clearly have many more options and opportunities to challenge what we have been told to believe about our existence; the sad part of having this knowledge is that the common man may never know the entire and accurate truth. What I can say for a fact, is that we don’t actually know what this reality truly is, and we can only do our research, and formulate our own beliefs.

I challenge everyone to dig into their own research and experiences to discover what you can base your own personal truth on – do not take anyone else’s word on anything – do the work for yourself and then you can decide what to believe.

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