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Peace On Earth Is Everyone’s Role!

As the world knows – Russia began an invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February. The media outlets, including the alternative news channels, have increasingly made it difficult to know the truth of why this is happening. The stream of news today has pitched Russian president Putin as the bad guy, and Ukraine president Zelensky as the good guy; however, how can any of us sit in judgment of this situation without knowing the actual truth?

The bottom line is that there are people on both sides, Russian and Ukrainian that are suffering and dying because of the current situation. Most of the world is greatly separated from this conflict, and are only feeling the pain of rising costs and effects of the financial markets. But it seems easy to judge from a distance because most of us do not have a war on our doorsteps, but conflict can easily find its way to us, and it has. This conflict is not just a problem that is resident with Russia and Ukraine but lies with the entire population of the planet. Those of us that are not directly involved in this conflict still have an obligation to support all those involved in this catastrophe.

I have spent a lot of time in the military, and the pathway of conflict is simple.

If you are the gunner, then shoot.

If you are not the gunner, then load the weapon.

If you are not the loader, then supply the loader.

If you are the supplier, then support in any way you can.

Everyone has a part in the mission, and we should all be doing our part. Our part does not come through fighting against the war and the politics involved with this action, for what we fight, we become. If we are fighting against those who wage war, then we are no better than those who are doing the fighting. Even Mother Teresa stated that she would never support a rally against war, but would wholeheartedly support a peace rally. We must become the change that we are seeking, and not fight the same thing that we are trying to change. Many religious writings suggest and state that gathering together with others can multiply the outcome of change. There is absolutely something that we can do from afar that can affect the outcome of this conflict, and I challenge each of you to find time each day towards this change for peace, love, and safety of ALL those involved in this conflict. We must also include those leaders that have effectively incited this operation and are now perpetuating this into a grand scale of suffering. We should remember that even high-level leaders are only human and are acting through the lens of the human emotion program, just like everyone else on this planet.

I challenge everyone on this planet to take time daily, even if it is a few minutes, to lift up the positive energy for all the people of Russia and Ukraine. There are many methods to lift the positive vibration of this situation – some folks will meditate, some folks will invoke ascended masters and saints, some will pray to their God, and others will work through established rituals. No matter how you perceive raising and sending positive energy across the planet, we need to bond together in this effort to positively affect the outcome of this war and establish peace, love, and safety of all those who are suffering at the hands of this war.

Take time today, right now, and lift these human beings up and change the energy of this conflict!!!

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