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The Art of Reiki Healing Energy as a Compliment to Western Medicine

Updated: May 1, 2022

Usui Reiki is based on the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is dedicated to the discovery of how each of the chakra centers functions throughout the body. A practitioner is attuned to and trained to feel the shape and energy of the chakra centers to determine how they are functioning in an effort to realign and reset each of these centers. Energy flows from your root chakra to your crown chakra and any dysfunction of any chakra disturbs the flow and the connection of this flow. These disruptions of normal energy flow may cause limited connection with the universe and many times result in physical manifestations. The state of the body systems is also represented by the way the chakras are operating; this gives the practitioner great insight into what life issues may be limiting the proper flow of energy throughout the body.

REIKI is pronounced "Ray-Key". REKII means "universal" and refers also to the spiritual dimension and the soul. Kl means the vital life force energy which flows through all that is alive. These Japanese characters when combined, present the concept of "universal lifeforce energy". Reiki is a connection between you and an infinite supply of intelligence and vital life energy. It releases you from feelings of helplessness and despondency and provides constant and loving contact with the Universal Presence. Reiki is also a self-contained natural healing system that acts synergistically with all other types of healing including western medicine; it is certainly not a replacement for other modalities of healing. It is also a technique for activating, restoring, and balancing natural energy. Reiki is the essence of balance and harmony found throughout nature. It restores, normalizes, balances, and aligns the energy centers of our bodies so that we may live a happier, healthier existence. It is also a great modality for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness, helping the healing process, and for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and enlightenment. Reiki is not a religion. It beholds no doctrines, creeds, or contradictions to the Universal Laws of Consciousness and Love. No matter where a person may be at a certain point in their life, Reiki will harmonize and embrace their philosophical center point, adding to it the Divine Presence. Reiki is harmless and cannot hurt anyone. It does not destroy but builds, protects, and will vitalize all forms of life.

There are 7 major chakra centers that are widely accepted, and that the Usui Reiki system primarily focuses on. They are listed as follows:

Crown Chakra: Connection to Source energy, Divine Connection, Spirit.

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, psychic ability,

Throat Chakra: Communication, speaking your truth

Heart Chakra: Relationships, old wounds, parents, ability to receive love.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Power/powerlessness, control/loss of control, ego.

Sacral Chakra: Creativity, sexuality, fertility, new projects, creation.

Root Chakra: Survival, basic needs, grounding, material reality.

The bottom line is that the Reiki practitioner has been attuned and aligned to allow the universal healing energy to flow through them, out through their hands, and focus this energy throughout the body's chakra centers. This universal healing energy is then able to provide balance, alignment, and healing of the energy systems and the associated body systems that correlate with the chakras. Reiki can certainly affect physical body systems; however, it generally is more effective in healing and changing the energy and associated trauma or issues that are the baseline for these physical issues. Western medicine is very good and correcting physical problems using medications, surgery, procedures, etc., however, the root of the problem does not always get addressed properly. As long as the trauma, triggers, and memories remain within the energy field of the body, the physical problems can continue to cause problems. There have been pilot studies and research done on the effectiveness of Reiki, however, much of this data tends to be more subjective in nature and does not always seem relevant to the scientific community. Even without hard data to back it up, I have seen many great changes in people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, and Depression. It is very rewarding to work with some, over time, that finally realize a life without medication and return to more of a “normal” life. I am certainly not saying that Reiki can completely remove all issues at the deeper mental issues, but I have clearly seen people become much more productive members of our society and their families. There have been many clients of mine that have reported complete recovery from physical issues resulting from several sessions of Reiki. I have also had some of my clients have a nearly complete recovery from PTSD, Anxiety, and/or Depression. I will admit that the percentage of clients recovering completely from mental issues is not a large number, but there are many clients that can return to a more normal lifestyle and begin to manage their own lives again.

The largest number of people who experience PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression are our military members. I am a retired Army veteran who can certainly relate to many of these conditions, although I do not personally suffer from them. Living in San Antonio Texas brings rise to a very large population of active duty, reserves, national guard, and retired military members. As you can probably imagine, most of the clients fall into the category of issues that stem from trauma. Since my data comes from the subjective answers of my clients, I have no solid numbers to back up my claims, however, I can assure you that Reiki does wonders for folks who have experienced trauma in their lives. Of course, trauma does not necessarily only come from war or large events; it can be the result of life events and an accumulation of small events over a long period of time. Those military members that never see war situations, can still suffer the effects of PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. There are many military members that can experience these conditions simply by being the medical support and care of these wounded warriors. The bottom line is that the military members really need another adjunct or modality that can help them heal from an energetic and subconscious level, and Reiki is one of those techniques that allow that type of healing.

I have noticed that the military health system and the Veterans Administration (VA), have started to take notice of complementary and holistic methods of healing, however, there still seems to be a wide gap in total acceptance. I have personally spoken to many influential people in many military organizations trying to persuade them to take notice of techniques like Reiki, and to date have not been very successful. I understand that getting anything new started in a federal or military organization can take some time, money, and effort, however, how long are we going to let our military members continue to suffer without offering them some alternatives to the standard therapies. I think it is time for all the veterans to stand up, speak their voices, and find a way for military medicine to take note of other ways of healing.

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