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The earth is not what you think it is!

I am a psychic medium and I have been searching for evidence and answers to what this place is that we live on. I had been watching some flat earth and dome videos and wanted to know what was really going on with this reality. I asked to see the real deal and I was shown some very interesting things.

I first felt myself being lifted through what appeared to be a dome with a barrier of water between this place I live and the next layer I was shown. This barrier was separate from the large body of water that I found myself moving through. I looked down on the first barrier and I could see my home down below; I also could see many of these dome shaped places; it seemed like an infinite number of them everywhere.

As I passed through this barrier, I was brought to a place of complete silence and void of anything. As I looked below me, the surface of this body of water was as smooth as glass with little markers that identified groups of the domed areas below. The whole place was just a pale-yellow color and there was nothing as far as I could see in every direction. I look down at my feet and my hands to see if I had a body but there was nothing visible.

I then heard that this was a place of nothing but consciousness. They had me hanging out in this place for what seemed like a very long time. I was then lifted again into another layer that was completely black with no sound nor anything visible at all.

They did not keep me here too long as I was lifted higher through the blackness that started to have some light. I could see shapes and variations of things in the distance around me, but I could not tell what they were. I continued to track upwards as it began to get brighter into what looked like layers of clouds. Out in front of me spouted a tunnel or wormhole that was heading up higher with a branch a good distance away. I then was caught up in this tunnel and sped along at great speed; when I reached the fork, I went left and up to another level. As I entered this new level, it became so bright that I could not see, and I imagined squinting my eyes to calm down the light. I was raised a little further where the light calmed down; it began to look like energy beings moving all around in front of me. I then found myself in front of an energy being that appeared that pale-yellow color from before. He spoke to me and said: We could continue to move up through and infinite number of these layers; layers of other dimensions, time and space. However, we will not move you higher because it is more of the same. Your soul has been traveling through these layers for an eternity and you have had as many experiences. Our plan for your soul is to experience everything possible upon the request of your soul.

This entity asked me what I would like to experience in this life that I have not yet. I said I wanted to experience what it is like to be extremely wealthy so that I can help as many people as possible. He opened a golden book and wrote in this request and said: It is written and so it is. He then closed the book and I found myself moving back the way I had come at a very fast rate of speed. I then realized I was back in my current reality and opened my eyes. As I looked around the room, I could see columns of light scattered around the room. This view of our current dwelling is certainly much different than what I have seen in any of my research. It sure makes you wonder.


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