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The New Earth

I came across this short video by Dolores Cannon and it is quite intriguing! I am a practitioner of her hypnosis technique and I get messages, through my clients, that resound with this topic. However, I recently received a message through a client that was quite different from what I have heard before.

This particular client is here in this lifetime to help raise the consciousness of human beings to prepare for the new earth; however, what the earth is said to be, at least in this session, was different from all the rest. We were told that the new earth would be Niburu, or planet X for the mainstream news folks. I have read all the material I could find about this rogue planetary system for many years, and have realized that the return of this 12th planet might just be a reality. Of course, I cannot prove any of the science, nor would I argue for or against the evidence presented. But what made this information, from this client, very unique, was that she had never heard of Niburu. I could understand this type of message coming through someone's subconscious if they had some familiarity with the story, however, this client had never even looked at this scenario.

In short, the story of Niburu talks about a race of beings, from that planet, that came to earth to mine for gold and eventually manipulated the primitive humans that were on planet earth, so they did not have to mine it themselves. The orbital path of Niburu is said to be about 3,600 years, and it passes close to the earth, at least relatively in space terms, in this orbit track.

The other notable bit of information derived in this recent hypnosis session was the year 2030 as the year of this move to the new earth. Once again, this client had no previous information to sway this type of message. But what is truly interesting, is that the year 2030 has been showing up in prophecy amongst the spiritual community recently. This could certainly make sense with what Dolores Cannon has discovered in her 40-plus years of doing hypnosis.

Take a listen to the video and perhaps look into the information presented on the internet and in Zecharia Sitchin's books on the subject.

See what you think!

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