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The Ultimate Conversation: An Extraordinary Story

This story is about a truly amazing experience that I had with one of my clients a few days ago. There are those very rare and extraordinary experiences that are just too great not to share with others so that they can also learn and grow from this type of event.

One of the metaphysical skills that I have learned to master over the years, is the ability to communicate with others’ higher consciousness, no matter what the distance is between me and them. This is an activity that I have had all my life but did not completely understand, and without proper mentoring, found myself very frightened by the outcomes. When I was in my early 20s, I tried communicating with a young lady across a crowded bar one night, which did work, but too well. This young lady started staring at me everywhere I went in the club that night, and this started directly after “sending” sweet nothings telepathically to her. I might not have been so afraid had it not been for the really large man that she was at the bar with; I was just a scrawny-sized Marine back then. As you can imagine, I got so worried about this astounding outcome, while not understanding exactly what I was doing, that I quit doing this activity for many years. I once again started using this again during the self-development part of my life in my 50s.

This is not anything difficult to do; there was even some whisper technique going around social media that is similar to the way I communicate to people at this high level. Basically, this is done in a type of meditative state, placing the person in front of you in your mind’s eye. Once I am face-to-face with the target person, I ask for their higher consciousness to lift up and over their body. I then began to have a telepathic conversation with the part of this person that they do not necessarily have conscious control of, likely the subconscious part of their mind. In this way, you can have those tough conversations with people that may be difficult in person. In my life, I have tried to have those tough conversations with people, only to find the conscious part of us getting in the way of truly communicating. This is not a technique that should be used for negative communication; I feel that I have always been able to keep this skill set because I have only used it for good things.

Many of my clients are aware that I have this skill, and I have shared stories with them, like the one above, to help them understand how it works. We can all do this type of communication, and we are likely doing this subconsciously all the time. Wouldn’t it make more sense to learn how to do this on purpose? One of the clients that have been with me for around 7 months now has learned a lot about me and found that she needed me to communicate with her father in an expedient manner. Much of the event will be copied from our text communication about the process and progress of communicating with her father. She began the conversation with the following:

“I know you can tap into others’ higher selves and communicate; my dad is in the hospital and he's not doing good. They can't figure out what exactly is causing him to go down so fast. I'm wondering if you might be able to help or something. He is convinced it's a demonic attack of some kind, but I don't necessarily believe that. I didn't feel that when I did reiki on him yesterday. He had a bad fall last Saturday and had internal bleeding. They removed his spleen 2 days ago and he was doing really good yesterday until around 3 pm and he is worse now than he was before the surgery.”

Once she established what the issue was, I closed the door to my home office and slid into mediation to connect with her father. I spent about 10 minutes communicating with her father; he seemed very open to having a conversation with me. I have never met her father, and I know very little about him, but he was quite willing to connect with me. I then replied with the following:

“What I initially picked up is some type of black spot in his upper right chest -- perhaps an infection -- kind of what it feels like. Removing his spleen speaks very loudly that he has been holding on to too much energy that he does not need to hold on to. He has been communicating that he has found himself overloaded energetically and with the flood of information streaming in from spirit and the world. He is appearing to me very glitchy like his soul is seriously deciding between this world and the next. I have been encouraging him -- that he still has a mission here and that it would be very selfish on his part to leave this reality -- many people rely on his support. There is a large number of emotions, thoughts, and ideas bouncing around everywhere. I suggest that you find a space where you can connect with him; he needs to be calmed down so that his physical body has enough energy to get through this time. You will need to be the peace for him right now -- calm your energy -- breathe -- connect with him in a calm state.”

“We made an agreement -- he has agreed to stay -- he has realized that his balance is off and that this is a strong wake-up call -- I reminded him that you need him here to watch as you evolve -- I brought you, me, and your father into a circle of healing.”

I did not hear anything back from my client for about 24 hours, however, I have learned to trust the process and allowed the communication to foster the appropriate outcome. Although I am used to the miraculous happening through the modalities that I practice, the reply that I received from my client was absolutely amazing!

“The most incredible thing happened yesterday. My stepmom and I sat on either side of him trying to get into meditation and connect with him. Both of us had a hard time with it like he was unreachable except for that one feeling of "but it hurts so much" that came to me. But we set back next to each other and I showed her your last message about your agreement with him and all of a sudden, this incredible force rushed through her, like a freezing chill moving up her spine and throughout her body. She was violently shaking and started crying, saying "what is happening to me". As it started to leave her, it came into me, starting at my root, it moved up to my crown and spread through my body. Bone-chilling and emotional but a powerful feeling of peace washing through us. And even that description of the feeling isn't strong enough. We held hands and it started moving between us less dramatically. I want to know what or who it was that came into us and gave us the feeling of peace and the knowledge that he will be ok for him.”

My responses to this experience that she and her stepmother are the following:

“Wow, that is quite amazing! I was wondering how your Dad was doing -- During the night I was feeling very anxious with pains that I don't normally feel and felt like this was from an external source. My intuition led me to think about you and your father during this strange event. I can't clearly say who or what you experienced, only that the power of "agreement" amongst everyone created an exponential connection with spirit. Even if the Bible has been tampered with, there are great lessons within. And the one that is coming through strong is: When two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be. To me, this is a reference that joining energies creates a huge whirlwind of completeness, agreements, and power beyond a single person's efforts. I think you and your mom experienced the ultimate connection with the source -- which through all my experience, is without enough human efforts to define.”

“I believe your Dad is going to become a very new person through this experience -- while you and your Mom will clearly know that you are connected to the source -- way stronger than you might have ever imagined. I have often wondered why some people needed to suffer for these types of lessons to be learned, however, all three of you will grow through this! In summary, you both got tapped into all that there is and the ultimate experience of God or the source!”

She replied with great enthusiasm to my messages.

“And that's what it felt like! Thank you! Oh my gosh, I can never thank you enough. I really feel like we saved him. All of his labs came back normal today, his swelling is going down, and he is getting some color back into him. He made a 180-degree change yesterday. I am so incredibly grateful to you. You saved him. I told him about everything that happened that day and he told me that he did find himself in a place where he was deciding whether to stay or go and that he almost didn't stay. He said to give you his most sincere thanks. And that is an understatement for me.”

Of course, I am not the savior; I was simply the vessel and tool of the universe that create space to communicate with her father. Her father truly had to make a choice to stay or go, and I simply stood in the gap and brought forth many sides of the equation, so that he could make an informed decision about his life. Every one of us can communicate at this deep level; all that is needed is to apply the proper training and practice to this natural skill that we all have. What was really interesting was that her father actually remembered being given choices, and although he almost decided to depart this life, he ultimately decided to stay. I am thankful that I was able to communicate and provide alternate ways for her father to see things.

This event is a perfect example of the awesome rewards that we can experience when we learn to tap into the vast expanse of all there is. If we simply limit our life to our five senses, we will truly miss the immense amount of connection, information, and opportunities that are available. Imagine that you put a burlap sack over your head with five pinholes in it, expecting to understand everything that is going on around you. This is almost what it is like to simply rely on only our five senses, and that is almost precisely how limited these senses are. We must learn to tap into the 6th sense, and beyond, to truly understand more of what is actually available to us. I challenge you to find yourself a mentor to learn how to connect yourself to all that there is!!!

Stay strong and live your life!!!

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