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I got together with a group of metaphysical practitioners yesterday and there was a theme that permeated the conversations between us. It seems that all of us in this group have been given messages from spirit that our evolution is speeding up rapidly. Not just speeding up quickly, but with many big changes in the energy of this planet and our existence.

I have been shown this scenario with all the possible timelines converging into a single timeline where only the souls who are truly connected will continue. Others saw it as a bottleneck and a singularity, but all of us were essentially getting the same message. Obviously, none of us can entirely prove what the future is bringing us, but it is clear that many people are seeing and getting the same type of scenario for our future.

The other common theme is that times will become tumultuous over the next few months, but begin to evolve into better times. Not sure exactly what that means for this reality, but there are clearly a lot of things happening across this planet that might suggest some major upheavals.

This is a time to connect with what you consider to be the source that is outside of this reality -- some call that source God, the Universe, Spirit Guides, etc., but clearly, there has been no better time than now to foster that connection. Of course, it is always a good time to connect with our source -- there is so much enlightenment that happens with this connection that is so pure and untainted by the human emotional program.

I challenge you to find others that you can commune with, and get started on your connection, or continue to make it stronger!! We need the energy of every one of us!!

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