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Timelines And Past Lives

I have had many past life experiences, and have helped many others to experience memories of their own past lives. I am sure that there are many people that have trouble believing in this paradigm and find it difficult to imagine us human beings living many lives. Many of our established religions clearly disrupt any solid belief in the recycling of souls, into many different bodies, many other timelines, and perhaps other realities or planets. My research has led me to believe that most of our planet believes in reincarnation and that the Western nations are now beginning to catch up on this belief. I also realize that our belief systems are fairly well hardwired into our consciousness and these beliefs rarely ever change throughout our lives. The purpose of this article is not to change anyone’s mind about reincarnation, or past lives, but to simply communicate my experience and offer some suggestions about how one might be connected to information regarding other lives.

There is of course the assumption that we do actually recycle through many different bodies, in many different timelines, and many other planets or realities; this paradigm might just be the truth, however, how do we prove this? To be honest, I am not sure that memories of other lives are proof that we have lived these lives, but why do we have these memories? Through my hypnosis practice, there is an interesting problem with these memories. Many people have memories of the lives of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mary, and other prominent figures in our history; however, they could not all have been the same person. One idea that comes from this dilemma is that many of our souls, or our consciousness, are simply imprinted with memories that help us navigate through this reality. This would be especially helpful if we are incarnating into this reality for the first time; after all, most of reality, as our mind sees it, is simply past experience that is used to fill in the gaps.

Another thought is that we are all encoded with every bit of experience that is embedded from our lineage, and we simply are remembering life experiences, randomly, or on purpose. My professional opinion is that every cell in our body contains all knowledge, and learning to extract this information is the true secret. Additionally, we know a decent amount of information about our DNA, but there is a vast void of information, or storage capacity in our DNA, that has been labeled as junk. Now, why would our maker provide us with such a complex arrangement of DNA, simply to use a few percent of that DNA? Perhaps this is the area of “storage” that contains the information of all that there is?

The quantum physics arena has also shed a lot of light on information that was previously unknown. Scientists have been proving over and over again that there are an unlimited number of timelines and universes that surround us all the time. There are many stories of people who have inadvertently bled over into other timelines or have had other timelines bleed over into this one. The thought that there is an unlimited amount of information circulating around us all the time is mind-boggling. I, and many of my clients, have had a number of experiences that would equate to the definition of a “time slip”, or an example of timelines overlaying each other. What is really going on?

It really doesn’t matter much how or where this information comes from, as long as the memory of these lives, or information from other timelines is beneficial to the person receiving this data. Viewing other lives that we may have lived, help us to let go of issues in our current lives, that do not seem to match our past experiences. We may be deathly afraid of water in our current life, without any clear reason that matches this fear, only to find out that we had the experience of drowning in another life. Being exposed to this type of information can help us release what does not necessarily belong to us any longer. My personal belief is that we truly do live other lives and that we will likely continue to live on in other experiences; I just wish we could have conscious memory of these lives that would help us realize why we are living our current life.

The following are a couple of my meditation journeys combined that speak to these topics. Obviously, I can not prove to anyone the validity of the experiences that I have had. I simply share them as a way of demonstrating how one might experience some of these things for themselves.

"I went into this mediation with a purposeful intention; I wanted to visit the life of my great grandfather. I got dropped into a forest and found myself walking and I could hear the crunching of the leaves and brush as I was traveling. I found that I was wearing a military uniform and could see that my name tag had the last name of my great grandfather. I was a bit confused as to why I was walking in the forest in a dress uniform but soon found that I was exiting the woods and entering a war-torn city. I spent a long-time walking around the city viewing the destruction, and the tattered dead bodies lying around. I felt an overwhelming wave of grief and sadness about this carnage. A car showed up in the distance, approached my location, and stopped next to me. I was directed to get inside and stepped into the back of the vehicle. There were two bench seats facing each other, and I was sitting across from a military officer and a woman named Danielle. I have met this woman on other journeys, so I already had an idea of what this was about. I was informed that they have been keeping an eye on my journeys and cautioned me that I am not authorized to just pop in anywhere I please. I have gotten many warnings like this in the past. A couple of days later during meditation, connected with the galactic federation council leader, I asked about this General and the woman named Danielle. I was informed that these two folks are simply upset that I am showing up on the timelines that they are assigned to manage. I was also told that I did not have to worry about their threats."

If you are not actively meditating, I strongly suggest that you learn this skill set. You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself and the universe!!

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