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Using a Pendulum!

We all have those desires to get straight answers to our life questions; and we want to get these answers from the divine, the source, Angels, Spirit Guides, God, and any number of names that our beliefs establish. So how do we go about getting these answers without seeking out that Guru on the mountain, searching tarot cards, or searching through a multitude of professed psychics? You will be glad to know that you can use a very simple technique, using your own energy and a pendulum to get these answers. What is a pendulum exactly? A pendulum is a weight, usually a crystal, hung from a fixed point, generally on a chain, string, or strap, so that it can swing freely backward, forward, sideways, counterclockwise or clockwise. A pendulum comes in many shapes and sizes is very easy to use and carry around. The pendulum has long been used to ask and verify the questions of life and can be very useful in providing clear and accurate answers and guidance.

A pendulum simply helps you to achieve a link to your subconscious, where all the information about you, past, present and future lie in wait for you to tap into. Everyone has access to their subconscious, however, it can take great effort to learn how to pull this information from this area of our minds. The pendulum provides a very easy and simple way to provide even the novice to access this information rich area of the mind. In other words, you can receive a visual verification or answer to questions that your subconscious mind already knows. I personally have had great success using a pendulum, even when using it the very first time. There are several additional uses for the pendulum such as clearing and opening chakras, checking food sources, finding water sources, and many others which are only limited by your imagination.

Learning how to use a pendulum is a very easy process. For some people, the use of meditative techniques before and/or during the activity is necessary, for others, it is simply accomplished by using the pendulum without any preparation. Personally, those entities that guide me to not require me to use any special pendulum or meditation in order to be effective and accurate. However, you may find that you need to develop a pattern or procedure for this modality to be accurate and effective. Let’s talk about how to develop a working relationship with your pendulum and those that guide you.

A pendulum can move in many different directions, as discussed earlier, and you must establish the meaning of the movements in order to get clear answers. You can decide to establish the movement meanings yourself or choose to ask your guides to show you what movements correlate to which answers. My personal feeling is that you should ask for your guides to determine the movement meanings, that way there is less opportunity for human error and involvement in skewing the given answers. For me, my YES or POSITIVE answer is a clockwise rotation of the pendulum. My NO or NEGATIVE answer is no movement at all. My guides have given me a MAYBE, which is a side to side movement, however, getting a MAYBE is really no answer at all if you think about it. Additionally, you should try to hold the pendulum out away from body parts because your physical energy centers can affect the movement. I generally hold the pendulum chain in between my thumb and index finger which my elbow at about a 45-degree angle. When the energy or question is intense, I can feel the heat very strongly between my fingers. Another indicator for the strength of the answer is how fast the pendulum is moving or rotating when getting an answer. A small movement is obviously a positive answer but may not be 100%; inversely, large motions provide more of a solid answer.

Most people use the pendulum to get a YES or a NO answer to a question; remember that the specificity of the question will help you get a more solid answer. Getting answers to general questions are as good as not asking the question. You can ask the question out loud or with your thoughts; the energy is essentially the same regardless of how you ask the question. You can also use the energy of objects to get answers just as easily as you can by asking the question. You can simply write out several items on a piece of paper and hold the pendulum over each word to verify yes or no for each of these words. Another way to accomplish this is to write out items on a piece of paper, folding them and mixing them up, then hold your pendulum over each to validate each written word. Many people make out charts and graphs with a variety of words, symbols or numbers and hold the pendulum in the center of the chart to see which way the device gravitates towards. As you can begin to see, the answers and/or validation that you can receive using a pendulum is only limited by your individual imagination.

Picking out a pendulum, especially when you are first starting out is very important. Many people pick one off the stand and hold it over one of their palms to see how reactive it is with them. Other times, I have slowly moved my hand over the selections and one of them begins to react greatly. Once you feel like you have a pendulum that will work with your energy, you can try it out by asking questions that you already know the answer to. I personally react better with gems, stones and crystals that are more metallic, however, you may react much differently. Also remember that you should periodically clean and cleanse your pendulum, so it does not get laden with the wrong energy. There are a number of ways to cleanse your pendulum, such as, letting it sit in the sunshine for a couple of hours, clean it with vinegar and water, or just letting it sit on top of a salt lamp overnight; cleansing techniques are open to your imagination and energy.

Keeping your pendulum with you is a very handy thing to do, so that anytime you have a question, you can just pull it out and ask a question or get verification. What I do is put my pendulum on a silver chain and wear it around my neck, so it is accessible whenever I need it. Others that I know, carry it in a pouch and keep it in your pocket. You do not necessarily have to ask your questions in front of people or in public, you can simply slip into the bathroom, into your car, or into another room to do this in private. Give it a try and have some fun!


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