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We Might Be Dead Wrong About Energy Healing!

It seems that Energy Healing is quite misunderstood and most people who think they understand it, probably do not truly comprehend how this process works. I found that many people believe that the “usable” energy flows out from the practitioner and crosses over to the client. If that was true, I would certainly be extremely worn out every single time I performed a healing session! I understand the laws of physics, as we know them, would assume that energy wants to equalize, and if the practitioner has more energy available, then the energy will cross over and equalize with the client. I can tell you that this law is very applicable when I was performing hands on physical therapy for clients – I was quite literally drained every day. However, with Reiki Energy Healing, performed correctly, will never utilize the practitioner’s energy.

In fact, there has been scientific studies that have demonstrated that the cosmic, or universal energy simply channels through the practitioner. In one such study, it was demonstrated that the practitioner had their bodily energy levels increased because of channeling cosmic energy through them to the client. This scientific measurement suggests then, that there is a third source of energy, which is outside of the client or the practitioner. Additionally, this study strongly demonstrates that this modality can be done incorrectly, and anyone practicing this modality should strictly adhere to the processes of Reiki, to avoid the accidental delivering of energies that surround the client.

Reiki Energy Healing is an awesome modality for acquiring balance and centering the scattered energy of the body. Most of us are unaware of how disoriented our energy is, and how much this unorganized energy contributes to how we function throughout our day and our lives. Having a Reiki session will bring your body’s energy back into alignment and create a harmonious flow, which will assist with health, wellness, and a more upbeat and positive mood. At the metaphysical store that I rent a space out of, there is an aura camera available that objectively measures the energy of the body. Recently, the owner decided that I should have my one of my Reiki clients do a before and after aura reading to demonstrate the effectiveness of the session. All of that were present in the store that day, were totally amazed at how well the Reiki Energy took a completely scattered and weak chakra system and facilitated all that energy back into balance with a dramatic increase in energy levels; we now keep these examples at the counter for all those skeptical customers!

Reiki healing is also not just “magical” but is very much backed by the physical properties of the universe and the human body. Each of the chakra centers that we seek to reorganize are also represented by major organs and nerve bundles throughout the body. A practitioner is simply applying the energy of the cosmos, or universe, to affect the underlying organs and nerve centers; however, most importantly, we are activating the Vagus nerve from the brain to the base of the spine. The Vagus nerve originates on the bottom side of the brain (cranial nerves) and this nerve is responsible for balancing and calming of body systems. Additionally, each human body has an enormous amount of available energy, which affects everything that the body interacts with. According to leading cellular biologists, we have 50 trillion cells in our bodies, and each cell has approximately .07 volts of energy. If you multiply these numbers, you will realize that each of us generates around 3.5 trillion volts of energy! You can quite literally affect your environment and those around you with all that energy emanating from your body!!!

My Reiki sessions are also a “reading” because every part of your body talks about what is happening within you as an energy being. Your body is continuously communicating with the environment and the universe and what you need to heal can be captured and interpreted to help with your healing journey. Although there are dramatic results with this process, they are not a permanent correction. To assume that reorganizing someone’s energy centers will be permanent, is like assuming a regular massage will be a lifetime fix for all that ails you. As with all healing modalities, the client is still expected and required to follow through on all those items identified that need to be worked on.

Reiki is a wonderful experience, and the benefits are simply amazing. Book yourself a session and experience Reiki for yourself. I also provide certification classes so that you too can join the world of energy healing!

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