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We Will Have To Work Until We Die

I wish the title of this article was some fictitious idea, but I am afraid that is a very high likelihood that we are truly going to have to work until we die. Where does this depressing thought come from? I am a small business owner that has been limping along for about 6 years now, without any real hope of this business ever being profitable. Based on the way things appear to be going, small businesses are slowly dying off because of the rise of companies that monopolize the markets with the ability to outprice most small businesses. This of course is only the tip of the iceberg – gone are the days when you could have a decent life in this country and not have to live paycheck to paycheck no matter how much money you make. The political machine seems to find new ways every day to reach into our pockets and ensure that we never truly have a sufficient amount of money to not have to worry about making ends meet. Of course, I am not speaking with any real authority or complete proof of what I am presenting, but it is becoming quite clear that the things I am presenting are reality. There is also compelling evidence that much of the events going on in the world might simply be disinformation and propaganda; however, some things still remain undeniable.

I do not actually know anyone personally that can truly say that they have enough income to manage even the basics such as housing, transportation, and subsistence. Clearly, if any of us stop working, our worlds would come crashing down in a big hurry. I once heard a speaker state that it matters not how much you make in income, you will always find yourself struggling to meet the demands of our world today. They also added that our livelihood today is dependent on our ability to continue working, once you stop, no more stability can be realized. It feels like we really have become a society that just eats, consumes, works, and dies, without realizing any true joy in life. Maybe I am just an older man, but I remember a time when jobs were plentiful and the pay was good, and products such as cars and houses didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. I do realize though that everything is relative though, if there is a time when things cost less, then normally you are making less money on average. In that line of thinking, it appears that the market will always outpace our ability to keep up with it, we can make more money, but everything that we need to buy will also increase in cost. I have become convinced that we have found ourselves on a monetary hamster wheel that we cannot get off of, and I feel like it is only going to get worse.

Is this crazy monetary cycle managed by design? Are our governments purposely trying to enslave us through the use of this monetary scheme? I can’t prove anything entirely, but my research suggests that it would be easier to manage a planet of billions of people by keeping them distracted with the simple act of trying to survive day to day. If our minds are on how to earn more money to keep up with the cost of goods, we clearly will have less time to question or challenge any scheme that one might uncover. I can understand this dilemma because as a business owner, I have not made a profit in the entire six years of operation, so I find myself struggling every day with the decision not to close the doors of the business. Not to pat me on the back too hard, but I am extremely good at my craft, and there are not that many people who do what I do, but it is laborious to fill my schedule with clients. I am sure many of you out there might be thinking that I should hire a professional to help with my advertising and marketing, but how do you pay someone to do that without any money? How do you conceivably get a loan for capital if your financial statement looks like a target at a shooting range? I could use personal funds and credit cards, but that has been attempted already without any result except for increased debt. These are not excuses because I am grinding every day to create a business; I am not lazy and I am putting in the work, but clearly, I am not a marketing professional, and falling short of clientele is common. I am sure that I am not the only small business owner out there that is struggling, while the giant monopolies continue to grow and suck up all the business. I understand that this is simple capitalism, but how do we get out of this cycle?

Many small business owners tend to be from the older population, because like it or not, it is increasingly harder and harder to get gainful employment with decent wages when you are over 60 years old in this country. Many of my clients complain about the same thing; being extremely good at their craft, but having trouble landing employment because they are older now. It also seems that the political machine is droning over us with more and more ways to take our money, in taxes and fees, which once again digs into any capital that we might have or want to acquire. There are taxes on everything, and unfortunately, many of these taxes are hidden from plain site, so we don’t even realize we are having money taken out of our pockets. To be honest, if you look at this scenario plainly, you will realize that you never truly own anything of value. Let’s say you pay off your house, you own it, right? Not entirely – you still have to pay property taxes on the value of your home and the land each year; if you do not pay those taxes, eventually the government will seize your house and land. Even if you pay off your vehicles, you still have to pay registration fees every year, and if you don’t, this nonpayment will also catch up with you as well. With a paid-off house and vehicles, you still find yourself simply leasing them now with the taxes that are owed to the government each year.

I think the most disturbing thing to me about the markets is that they are ultimately controlled by the Federal Reserve with just a handful of people making decisions for all of us. However, the Federal Reserve is not Federal at all, it is a private bank that is managed by some of the major banks of this company (you can validate this as a fact). It is like the most wealthy of the nation are the ones monitoring and fixing the markets in order to ensure that they stay wealthy, and the general population remains in monetary slavery. We have also become a debt-driven society, and some may say that the fault lies in the general public for wanting things instantly instead of saving and buying when they can. However, what if the “American Dream” of owning a home was simply a way for banks to be able to create more money out of thin air, on something tangible, with a large chance that they will be able to foreclose a high percentage of these homes – then ultimately owning real property based on money that has never existed? If you think about it though, the more debt that is created, the more enslaved we are to the system. Everyone now is measured on our interaction with debt and gives scores based on this debt; everything appears to be measured by this score now, even things like getting car insurance are based on your credit score. Those that have low scores tend to get charged more for a service or product than those with higher scores. It is more and more difficult to even imagine being debt free, and even if we were, you are going to be charged much more for products and services.

I am also finding that it does not pay off well to have high wages unless your earnings are incredibly high. I have found that making over $150,000 in a year result in such high federal income taxes, that you might as well have worked at a much easier position and received a lower annual income because it comes out the same. We do not seem to be encouraged to step forward out of mediocrity, out of the middle class, and rise to a great and affluent life. How did we end up here in this cycle of monetary confusion and slavery? How did this slip by us without any action? It is difficult to fight city hall, to use an old quote because the system has steamrolled into a monster of a machine that truly cannot be stopped. There are many now that have just given up and are letting the government programs provide their life because it is much easier than trying to fight upstream to create abundant life. As this machine keeps rolling, the master of our slavery will also become more robust and it is clearly something that seems inevitable. Even now the presidential administration has directed the production of digital currency to replace the dollar. Talk about real control! Once this “cashless” society is implemented and enforced, our choices of what to buy, and if we can buy, will truly be in the hands of the political machine.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are alive at a very interesting time on this planet. I believe we are going to see great and painful things happening to the population of this world without any available recourse on our part. I wish I could answer the question of how to fix this, but honestly, I don’t believe we can. We are clearly on a path that seems obvious to most of us, and we are just going to have to figure out how we can survive the continued soap opera. I wish I could say that all it would take is for the population at large to come together and make a change, but that would assume you could get us all to agree on something, but we can hardly get a few people to agree on something. We have been divided and conquered, and it will take some great divine intervention to create the proper change. So before we point fingers at each other, we are all part of the problem as well. Imagine that the only way we could get rid of pollution was to quit driving every car on this planet – is anyone really going to agree with that plan? You see we have all become so accustomed to the convenience of technology, that we don’t even realize that this technology has taken control of us. Try living without your cell phone for just one day, especially if you are a business owner – we have become so indoctrinated into our technology that we now cannot live without it. I left my phone at home by mistake yesterday, and found that I could do very little business without it, and had to have my wife bring it to me. I had my laptop, but without our cell phones, we are dead in the water. So, I will restate what I said, we all are part of this problem, and have allowed the building of the prison that keeps us enslaved.

Sorry about the depressing rant, but I really wanted to speak my mind about this. There is hope though. Until they can take over control of our minds, we still have the ability to connect outside of this prison and find the true peace that we are meant to have. I am not talking about any specific religion or faith, I am talking about the personal relationship we should have with that which is outside of us. For some of us, that is God, the universe, Angels, Ascended Masters, and the like, but we all have our belief in what is invisible to us, but just as real as the reality, we believe we are living in. I suggest that this connection is our only escape from the noise of the current state of our lives, and the best way to find real answers, guidance, and peace. This article is not so much on how to connect with your source, but I suggest you look into practices that connect you and perform this on a daily basis. Meditation and prayers are the primary methodologies, however, whatever method you use, I suggest you become more vigilant about this connection, for it is the only true freedom that we have.

I shall digress and send you powerful energy.


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