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What Are The Akashic Records?

There is a source of all information which readily available to everyone who is attuned to that energy source. The Akashic Records is a complete record of “everything” about everything, in the past, the present, and the future. Religious documents refer to these records by many different names such as: the book of life and God’s book of remembrance. We can relate to this type of information, in this modern age of technology, as cloud storage, or could computing. In many ways, this is the permanent recording for the entire universe, or perhaps we could refer to this as the cosmic internet. If there is truly a function of the universe that stores everything there is, everything there was, and everything there will be, then why do we continue to struggle as humans on this earth plane? If there is nothing that can’t be found, can’t be known, and can’t be discovered, then why isn’t our existence blessed with complete abundance and peace? I think the answer is because most people are not aware of the existence of such a record, and even fewer people who can attune to the records to draw on this information.

The Akashic records are primarily accessed by psychics, mediums, and intuitive people, who are seeking information for their clients. Since this record includes “all of the thoughts, feelings, and actions that have ever occurred in the history of the universe”, it makes sense to seek out information from this source that can help with our soul evolution. But there is a catch to accessing information from this source, you must ask the questions to get the answers, the answers are not automatically provided when you access the records. Historically, the records are described as a library, with a librarian, or guide that assists with finding the information that is requested. You don’t automatically get information handed to you just because you are in a library, you must know what your questions are, and then you must seek out the specific information that you are looking for within the volumes of books in the library. The Akashic records are like a normal library, where you must present your questions for your librarian to sift through the memory banks to produce the information you are inquiring about.

Accessing the library for another person can be approached in many ways. Most people that I know, who access the Akashic Records, normally pray a special prayer using the full name of the person that are connecting for. It is a good idea to seek out access to someone’s library by using their full name, and in many cases, utilizing the name that they were born with, or their maiden name. The person accessing the records then goes into a meditative state and will announce when the records are open. Once opened the practitioner will become the conduit for the librarian and answer the questions through the practitioner. The meditative state that the practitioner reaches lies somewhere between the Alpha and Theta states, so that they are outside of the conscious mind, enough to create an authentic connection with the librarian, and enough of an awake state to remember the session.

I have done a few Akashic Records readings for others in my business; however, I primarily access the records for myself to determine answers to important questions. Some of the greatest psychics in our history utilize the Akashic records to gain information for their clients. Edgar Cayce was known as the one of the greatest psychics of our modern times, and his answer to where he gets his information is the following. When asked about the source of his information, Edgar Cayce replied that there were essentially two. The first was the subconscious mind of the individual for whom he was giving the reading and the second was the Akashic Records.” Recently I have found out that the secret agencies of our nation are taking a serious look at utilizing the Akashic Records to do their spying from a distance. Now I agree with Edgar Cayce that connecting with someone else’s subconscious is a great source of information for your clients, however, I would caution those with this ability, to be mindful of privacy and not to access people just because you can. It seems that the secret agencies want access to information without gaining approval or acknowledgment for this access. Accessing the records for clients does involve asking for permission to access someone Akashic before being granted access to this information.

I will assume that if I can access the Akashic, then others can access it as well. To be honest, it never crossed my mind to attempt access to these records to gain information for an advantage. I do know that the government has developed official psychic and remote viewing programs, so when I saw the recent article that discussed using the Akashic for spying purposes, I was quite taken back. This idea seems quite intriguing, but certainly not ethical. To be honest, I don’t think that any Akashic librarian will open records for any purposes, other than the ethical process of gaining information for positive improvement. Of course, I cannot prove or disprove that the Akashic Records are a real phenomenon, but my experience of accessing them have proven to me that there is quite assuredly a collection of All information. And I can imagine that a world leader would love to be able to tap into such a rich resource in order gain and advantage in this world, however, I think that they are playing with fire and traveling down a very unethical road.

I digress. My experience with access the Akashic is quite wonderful and very enlightening. When I access my library, it appears to me like a library of gold colored energy, and even the librarian is a bright shining being of shimmering gold energy. When I enter my library, I can look to my left toward the past, and to my right towards my future, and I see endless books and volumes of information and knowledge. My impression of this visual is that the lives of the past are innumerable, and that our future lives are countless. When I present my questions to the librarian, he goes and returns with a golden colored book which is open to the page that has my answer. I can literally see the words written in the book that answers the question I have presented. In this same way, the librarian continues to find the material for the questions I ask. You must remember though, not every answer you get will be a flowery and wonderful, however, we must know the truth to evolve as a human and a soul. If I do not ask questions, then the librarian does not offer any information. My journeys to my library of the Akashic is quite fantastic and I would challenge everyone to give it a try.

This is a link to a published article titled: Hacking the Akashic Records: The Next Domain

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