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What’s Your Sign?

When someone asks you, “What’s your sign”, we generally gravitate towards astrology and the twelve zodiac signs. Astrology is quite accurate, and your sign provide great enlightenment as to our personality and how we behave. However, what about all the other signs that we are given, sometimes routinely, in our lives all the time; do these signs have significance as well? I have talked to many people and read many stories of how people see the same numbers, objects, people, etc. which seem to be bringing some type of message into their lives. I have personally had many signs shown to me, some very consistent, and some randomly. For example, I used to see the combination of 7 and 13 together quite often, and for me, this was the anniversary from something in my past; it certainly served as a reminder for growth and remembrance. Over the last few years, the routine sign that has been prevalent is the combination of the number 1, primarily as 11:11, and sometimes 1:11, or 111. Of course, the number 11 is a divine number and for me this serves as a reminder to stay the course for moving forward with my spiritual growth. But why do we see signs like this?

I feel like all of believe that there is something, or someone, out there that we can not necessarily feel or experience directly. There are many labels for this something out there, such as God, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Angels, to name a few. In my personal experience with all of these, I have learned that they do not speak the same language that we do, so messages generally come through as pictures and symbiology. When these special signs show up in our lives, it is truly the other side trying to communicate a message to us, and it always means something. Messages from the other side can show up in our awake state or our sleeping state, dreams are an amazing way for these entities to communicate with us, because we are a command audience while we are sleeping. Once you learn what the symbols and pictures mean, you can then begin to understand their language. Learning to pay attention during your awake state takes practice and trust, but it is an amazing tool and experience once you learn to dedicate yourself to noticing and putting these messages into practice.

I have also had many instances of random signs, that have caught my attention, that speak to me directly about something going in my life. However, before we get to my most recent sign, let me digress to choosing your own validation sign. I once read a story about a woman who wanted validation about a very important question and action in her life, so she asked for a sign that would be very difficult and rare to manifest. This young woman asked for a double rainbow to demonstrate that her decision was proper, and on her wedding day, a great and wonderful double rainbow showed up in the sky. This woman was validated because of the simple act of asking for a specific sign! I am not saying that it is not always as simple as just asking for the sign; there must be a level of belief that your guides will produce this for you. I have asked for this type of sign in the past, and have had success, but about a year ago, I asked for the same thing this woman did – I asked for a double rainbow as validation for anything and everything that I am doing. Don’t make the mistake, however, of diminishing this sign to one avenue; this double rainbow came to me in a much different way than I imagined it would. The first time that I experienced a double rainbow was when I was discussing something specific with my wife on the phone. As I was speaking about a decision that I wanted to make, there in front of me, on the floor in front of my feet, was a double rainbow, made from a prism through the skylights above me. This decision did not necessarily pan out directly or right away, but now one year later, it has come to fruition.

This morning when I was going into the refrigerator to get breakfast, I saw there in front of me, a cooking timer sitting at all “zeroes”, and it prompted me with a message. I was struck by a couple of things, the first is that I may be sitting on great talents and gifts, yet here I sit at zero, the starting point again, and must make the decision to hit the start button. Additionally, this correlates to a story I just posted about something from nothing. Here it was right in front of me, we start with nothing, we end with nothing, and if we are not careful, we can end up with nothing in between. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to sit around without action, however, this kind of message tells me that there is that specific something that I need to get off my backside and get busy doing. No matter how good we are at something, that may not be our true purpose in this life, you can be very good at something, yet not be fulfilling your true purpose. And of course, your purpose can change over time, sometimes it is time to drop what we are doing and pursue something different.

When we learn to pay attention to what is right in front of us, we can learn to become all that we were created to be. Ask for a sign, look for a sign, accept your sign, interpret your sign, put your message into action, and get on with what you are supposed to be doing, and not what we think we should be doing. Take a step out in faith, ask, listen, practice, and learn; get rid of the mentality of just surviving, and put on a new mentality of thriving, and living life for all you can and should. We are all meant to be more than just work, eat, consume, and die, we are here to leave our mark and make our fellow humanity better than the way we found it.

Take that leap, ask for a sign, and see where your glory lies!

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