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Why do we Struggle with our Destiny?

The question of our destiny, or our purpose, seems to be an elusive and secret answer that the universe does not like give up. The fulfillment of our destiny is a very grandiose venture and path that remains obscure to most of us, yet we all want to be clear about why we are here on this earth plane. Why is that we continue to struggle with this quest? Could it be that we have been shown or told in many ways by the universe, only to ignore the message as coincidence or chance? Could it be that we are not supposed to know? Would we change how we live and interact in this world if we knew the future or the reason for our quest? It seems that there are more unanswered questions in our desire to know why we exist. I once asked my guides if I was seeing future events, or was I creating them? The answer I received was that I was doing both things – not entirely helpful, yet still enlightening. Is our purpose then to create our lives as we wake up each day or is there a deterministic path that has already been chosen for us? I truly think that there is a piece of each of these ideas; I have been given very specific messages showing me what I was going to experience in this life, yet I have been able to manifest situations that I wanted to experience. The real question might be – why do we really need to know our purpose? Why do we need to know why we are here? Does any of this information truly change what our daily lives and interactions are going to be? Personally, I want to have a hint at least, so that my energy is being spent on the right actions and learning experiences; however I was discussing the flat earth versus the global earth with someone once, when I realized that proving or knowing this truth would not change my day to day life. I guess that the pursuit of knowledge is the part of being human that makes us so different from the other beings on this planet; we are always searching for knowledge and truth, seeking and learning as much as possible.

Future goals or benchmarks always seem very elusive, hard to quantify and more difficult to achieve. We have always been taught that in order to achieve anything, we must have goals; isn’t a desire without direction simply a wish? Even more elusive is seeking and achieving our purpose or destiny; at least with a goal, we have something more solid to gain in the process. Working toward an elusive destiny or purpose can seem like driving with the windshield covered, you are moving in a direction and going somewhere, but you have no idea where we will end up. And honestly, we are probably going to run into some things that will cause heartache, pain and injury. How can anyone really expect to reach a destiny that normally remains hidden to us? However, we must push forward in life towards some type of end or means, and make a decision on which direction or action to pursue. Even though our goals and purpose may seem quite elusive, they may be much closer and easier to attain that one can imagine.

We have been taught that time and space are linear and move only in one direction, and that we can only move forward. Imagine drawing a line on a piece of paper with a starting point and an ending point. In this paradigm, our pursuit of our goals or destiny would go from the start point, to the end point, on a flat surface, and fall within a standard measure of time which seems to be moving forward only. This analogy seems to make sense to most of us, start somewhere and end at a goal in the future. Even in this current reality, no line will ever be completely straight because life situations move us off the straight-line path. So as long as we return to our line, we can someday reach our destiny; however, how often do we actually reach this end point? Let’s usher in the new way of think, quantum mechanics and quantum physics, where science has been showing that we may not be just a linear and straight-lined reality after all. This subject can be quite complex so I want to focus more on the multiple and parallel universes that surround us continuously. The premise is that there are an infinite number of universes, however, we are only tuned into one universe – the one we call our reality. An easy way to imagine this is by looking at radio station frequencies. Surrounding us all the time are a large number of radio station signals; however, we can only tune into one station at a time, even though there are an enormous amount available. Of course, these signals are invisible and undetectable to us, but with the right equipment, we can dial into any station we want. The multiple dimension paradigm is very similar to this analogy; we generally can dial into only one dimension, or reality, at a time. There are people who can tap into other dimensions to see and experience things that others cannot, but most people are very hard wired for just one frequency.

Having all these dimensions bathing and surrounding us gives us unlimited access to anything we want, however, the secret is how to gain access to this unlimited knowledge. In this paradigm, different experiences and knowledge are integrated across all these dimensions at multiple points. Would time then be different depending on where the experience or goal is located? Maybe time and knowledge do not actually have to follow along a routine path in sequential time as we know it. What if our destiny and our goals are actually very close and easily obtained? Now imagine taking that piece of paper, with the line on it, and crumpling it up into a ball. Now this pathway, or line, that you drew intersects in an unlimited number of places. Your pathway now is accessible in many different time lines, many different dimensions, the past, the future, and the present. The crumpled piece of paper is my analogy of how the entanglement of indefinite dimensions can manifest your destiny or goals. Your “straight line” has now become and endless number of possibilities that can be accessed at any given time. Even though your end goal seems very far away within our normal thinking, it may very well be very close to you. Does this mean that we don’t have to set goals or benchmarks? No this means that once you set them, there are an unlimited amount of opportunities to achieve these goals, but we must begin by being very clear and direct about what we want. In the absence of clear and absolute direction from the universe, we must point ourselves in a direction and proceed with developing ourselves. In my opinion, somewhere along the path that we have chosen, we will intersect with something or someone from our past or future that will help solidify our decisions.

Take the time to set some goals, some direction and start moving along and through the unlimited knowledge of this dimensional soup. You may be surprised what you will find!

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