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Your EGO is getting a bad rap!

This is a repost of my story about meeting my EGO one night. I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, and I ran across this video that one of my fellow practitioners posted. This is a conversation with a client's EGO that is extremely interesting and very much in line with the information that my EOG told me. Check it out!

We tend to view our EGO as something that is an undesirable part of our personality. The EGO has been associated as a negative projection of ourselves that seems very self-centered and selfish. The EGO generally is represented by the “I” part of us where we are the central part of the situation at hand. If the EGO is in the forefront of our actions, then we are considered all about ourselves, and unconcerned about others. When someone is inflating their accomplishments, or their abilities, they are said to have a big EGO. In other words, we seem to be portraying more of us than there actually is to be portrayed, our self-esteem is high and blown up, and our self-importance is displayed for all to see. Other words that are found to identify the EGO are self-worth, self-conceit, self-image, and self-confidence. What I find interesting is that the word EGO is a noun and not a verb, there is nothing in the definition that suggest that this is related to action. However, we tend to improperly force this word into something someone does instead of something that someone has. The bottom line is that the EGO has become identified as something that is bad.

When looking at alternate versions of the EGO definition, I find that the EGO is a central and necessary part of our psyche. The EGO is essentially that link between the conscious and subconscious mind. Its real function keep our sense of personality and reality in check. In other words, the EGO is in place to protect us from doing stupid things. The metaphysical definition outlines the EGO as a thinking part of our mind. The EGO is an essential part of our survival, however, it gets overlooked, and many times, blamed for incorrect action, behavior or personality. We then tend to downgrade the importance of this part of our mind and disregard that “voice” that is trying to put a check on our activities.

I am a psychic medium and I have a very strong connection with spirit guides and angels. This connection is my conduit for the information I receive for myself and others, and I have received many messages that would seem strange to most people. I also feel like I have a strong ability to utilize the conscious and subconscious sections of my mind, but like most people, I have regressed the EGO because it has been presented as a bad thing. I even perform hypnosis and past life regression, finding that the EGO gets in the way, not allowing me to properly hypnotize or regress my clients. So I too have been rooted in negative assumptions regarding the EGO – until a couple of days ago.

I spent some time reading the other night, and stopped to close my eyes for a few minutes, and I found myself more in a meditative state than I was planning. My mind’s eye went from darkness to finding me in a brightly lit room. As I took onto the scene, a clear projector screen dropped down from the ceiling of this room, displaying a frumpy looking man who was wearing a light blue sweater. This man began chastising me and point his finger at me, telling me that I was not eating as good as I should be, that I was not taking care of myself well enough, and that I convinced myself that I was being as healthy as I could be. Mind you, I work out and play soccer an extreme amount each week and purposely eat better food than most people. He continued to inform me that this was about my mental and spiritual health and that I was spending too much energy on others and forgetting about myself in the process. He pointed out that this is why some strange physical conditions have manifested. He then proceeded to tell me that he was my EGO, and that he was getting a bad rap, that he is involved in order to protect me. He continued by saying that he as just as much participation in my well-being as my conscious mind, my subconscious mind and “that pretty little Angel of yours”. I asked my EGO if he had a name I could address him by, and he replied, that I needed to call him Jon, and he spelled it out with a bit of an attitude. Jon then implied that he is mainly responsible for my physical well-being, so I asked him if he could heal a couple of things for me, so I could start with a clean slate. He agreed and made his way to me and put his hands on different places to do his healing. When he was finished, he went to the right side of me and rolled into my body.

After this encounter, I continued reading, and strangely enough, the text began discussing the importance of the EGO. The book was documenting exactly what my EGO had just told me. Although this was a great encounter, I felt a little let down. In my imagination, my EGO would be some big, muscular, buff, good looking, bare chested man that could dominate whatever situation he needed to. How did I get a frumpy man wearing a sweater?! He has since told me that personality and intention is where the real power is maintained; he reminded me to not let looks fool me and that he was very powerful!


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