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Your path is in your hands.

Why are we here? How did we get here? Who are we now? Will ascension occur for us? What will we become? These are questions that many of us ask ourselves, however, we rarely seem to get clear answers. These questions are precisely what I received in meditation; this message was formatted in correlation to the five digits of a hand with the palms facing up. Truthfully, I was given this message as statements and not questions, with each of these statements correlating to different dimensions. Here is how the statements and dimensions are mapped against the hand.

Little finger: Why we are here, 1st dimension.

Ring finger: How we got here, 2nd dimension.

Middle finger: Who we are now, 3rd dimension.

Index finger: When we ascend, 4th dimension.

Thumb: What we will become, 5th dimension.

I find it very interesting that the hand was given as the means to describe our human transition. Our hands have long been used to create and heal; many of the famous healers in our history utilized their hands in their process. Hands are used to identify each of us, no one has the exact same fingerprints. The fingers also have an extremely large amount of nerve endings, providing the brain with one of the largest feedback and positioning information sources. The hands provide our greatest interaction and personal involvement with our world. The hands are also like tree rings, a storage place about your past, present and future. I know a very gifted palm/hand reader that can simply look at my hands, and provide any and all information about me. I find it truly amazing that the hands hold such power, information, mysticism and symbolism.

The little finger represents intelligence and persuasion. This first dimension then would lend itself to some type of intelligent design and reason. Regardless of any religious affiliation or personal beliefs, we can most assuredly say that our human bodies are inimically designed and very complex. Whoever or whatever was responsible for our creation must have been quite intelligent and a higher thinking thing. This finger also provides the strongest part of the grip, also representing the solid base of our creation process.

The ring finger represents creativity and beauty. We can surmise that something does not come from nothing, and if there is something, it must be a thinking thing. This second dimension represents the creation of everything we know, or think we know, to be in existence. No matter whether you believe in the global earth model, the flat earth model or the virtual reality model, everything facet of our existence is in perfect balance and harmony. This balance and harmony provides us with the medium necessary to have this human experience. This finger commonly symbolizes marriage or union, representing the relationship to our creator.

The middle finger represents balance and responsibility. This is where everything in existence coexists to allow the growth of the planet, the universe and our human experience. So why were we created? There are as many theories as there are answers, however, my guides have made it clear to me that we are all just splinters of a larger over soul. We are all providing experiences and overall learning and development that contribute to this over soul. This is the dimension that we are all currently part of, trying to find a way to move on in our development to experience the next dimension. The middle finger symbolizes the middle or sturdy part of the hand, representing humanity being in the central part of the enlightenment process.

The index finger represents power, leadership and authority. The fourth dimension is our transition back to our source, which is called by many names such as God, the over soul, the creator, the universe, etc. We cannot get out of this human experience alive and we will all find our way back to this source. This dimension then represents the authority who rules over all there is, all there was and all there will be. I believe that everyone, no matter what their beliefs are, yearn to return to this source at some level of their consciousness. This finger is probably the most utilized finger and seems to represent the flexibility and multiple paths that we can take for ascension. It is also located on the hand along the same base as the rest of the fingers, ascension will be something we will begin to experience on this current plane of existence.

The thumb represents character. Character can be defined many ways, however, it is simply the combination of all the distinctive qualities of a being that define who they truly are. This dimension would then be the melding of our splinter, back into the source or the over soul, which contributes to the overall character and attributes of everything that there is. Our individual experience matters to the universe, and ultimately affects every living and transcended being. You will notice that the thumb sits on a different base and is distinctly separated from the other fingers; our blending back into the over soul will be a distinct and separate part of our path.

Looking at your hands should never be a boring or mundane event any longer. Your hands now bear a message of your existence and enlightenment, and within your hands you have the power to make choices that lead you or burden you. Remember that birth and death are created by your decisions and your words! Choose your words carefully and thoughtfully make your decisions, for you affect the entire universe with these decisions and words.


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