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The main focus of the mentorship program is to assist a person with discovering what gifts they may possess, what gifts they may consider developing, and then developing these gifts through a program of didactics and experiential learning modalities. The goal is to enlighten the student with as much of the knowledge and experience that the mentor has gained over their years of practice.


I will be developing this plan to include other features; however, the following is an outline of my initial plan for those interested in beginning a mentorship program.


One month (30 days): $300 – includes the following:

  • 4 one-hour mentoring sessions, preferably once per week.

    • Sessions can include any of the following or other items as decided by the mentor or on request of the student.

      • Reiki Energy Healing and Chakra alignment.

      • Coaching on an individual level and/or for gift development.

      • Practice sessions.

      • Didactic learning on any number of topics.

      • Individual Tarot/Mediumship readings for the student.

      • Life Coaching development.

  • Support and advice primarily utilizing WhatsApp or other preferred secure messaging platforms.

    • Advice and guidance for readings performed by the student.

    • Support throughout the growth and development of spiritual gifts.

    • Support for transitioning to and maintaining an independent business model.

    • Shadow sessions are provided by the mentor upon agreement from the client.

    • Additional sessions, outside of the package sessions will be billed at $50 per hour.

    • 15% discount on individual services and/or courses offered by the mentor.

    • Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

    • Services begin upon payment and selected start date and will continue for 30 days. 

I was blessed to have a mentor who helped me overcome my hesitancy while assisting me with the growth of my gifts.  She was the perfect combination of standard counseling practices mixed with the art of shamanism; she was able to push and guide me in the right direction by enlightening me with as much knowledge and encouragement as she could.  My mentor certainly had much more faith in me than I did, but with patience and time, she was able to align me with the trust, confidence, and knowledge that I needed to step into my assigned gifts.  I am excited to do the same thing for others by imparting as much confidence and knowledge to anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone to come into alignment with their true selves. 

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