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Rob Mazak

Chief Executive Officer

I had a very distinguished career in the Army that has afforded me the opportunity to develop great leadership and coaching skills.  I have worked with many medical patients and families, primarily that who struggle with trauma, pain, death, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  Because of this experience, I have been able to develop great coaching skills that have benefited many of my patients and clients.  My path has given me great exposure to many different religious practices and cultural customs.  As a young man, I was gifted with experiences that allowed me to interact with every walk of life and navigate through every type of personality. I have spent my life seeking the development of my spiritual and metaphysical gifts.  I truly enjoy helping people grow and unlock their potential allowing them to become the complete and whole human beings that God has intended us to be.

Beth Mazak

Chief Financial Officer

I have truly been blessed by God with spiritual gifts that will help so many people. My life experience has given me great testimony which will encourage many people and give them hope.  I have been through many trials in my life that has allowed me to grow, learn about myself and enhance the gifts that I have been given.  I really reach out to God, my guardian angels and spirit guides to discover wonderful answers and guidance for myself and my clients.  I feel my gifts and the ability to speak the language of trauma, anxiety and depression will truly assist others in their process of healing.  I have always been attracted to the healing arts and I find great comfort in helping others. I continue to seek learning opportunities that will enhance my gifts which can provide greater assistance for my myself and my clients.  I feel that everything that we do within the realms of healing always find their source back to the God of our universe. 

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