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What Exactly Is This Place We Call Home?

Over the years, I have become intrigued by researching and seeking knowledge about this reality that we find ourselves embedded in. Like most of us, I have been taught that we are on a physical planet, which is spinning itself, also spinning around the sun, which is hurtling through space within our galaxy. Of course, this is very simply explained by my big-picture type of mind, but it still boggles my thinking to imagine that all this spinning and traveling at high speeds has not resulted in great collisions all the time. There has been speculation, and perhaps evidence, that this earth has been impacted in the past, but that seems to have happened so long ago. Why wouldn’t we be impacted all the time with all this movement? I look at the night sky all the time and wonder why it never changes; we have always been told the phenomenon in the sky is so far away that any changes would likely never happen in a single lifetime. I am certainly not trying to say that none of that I true; I am simply saying that I am curious and have been exploring other ideas about this reality.

One of the things that I have learned very clearly in my spiritual journey, is that my perception is the key to my belief system. Sometimes we are unaware of our unchecked and unmanaged perceptions and soon get locked into a belief system accidentally. If we allow perceptions to continue without replacing them, or changing them into something else, then those perceptions will form what we believe, and bring into our lives the very things that support these beliefs. For example, if you were to go and purchase a red Corvette, you would then suddenly start seeing red Corvettes everywhere because now your perception is dialed into this type of vehicle. This works the same way with anything in life, so we have to learn to be more mindful of what our minds are tuned into, however, I digress.

I have been a believer in the globe model for most of my life and was hardcore against any other paradigm that might interfere with this belief. After all, that is all I have ever been taught so why would I want to believe anything else? For some unknown reason, I gained an interest in looking at other possibilities to explain what this reality is that we are all living in. The flat earth idea came in super strong all of a sudden and I went down the rabbit hole to investigate these ideas. The more I researched this idea, the more things came into my life to support these ideas, and I fell on the flat earth wagon pretty hard. There is some clear evidence that this reality might just be a flat plane, however, I have not found enough evidence to support either the globe theory or the flat earth theory completely. So, there is another thought, or idea, that also has begun to really come around and make just as much sense as either of the two aforementioned ideas – and that is that we might be living in a simulation or matrix of some sort.

Before you get riled up and start to shut this idea down, let me explain some of the interesting ideas, signs, and validation that I have personally received that at least convince me that this idea has some leverage. One thing that I have noticed lately as well is that many of the leaders in the quantum field of research have begun to state that the Matrix movies could very well be a documentary and not some science fiction films. When leading experts in the study of quantum physics begin to make comments like this, I truly begin to pay more attention to this idea. A couple of years ago I was introduced to messages from an Alien source and was given quite an elaborate message through deep meditation and the help of experts to assist in translating the hieroglyphics I was presented with. To summarize the message, it was from an artificial intelligence from an alternate universe that was managing the great experiment called the universe. Within the few days that I experienced the Alien hieroglyphics, I was also given a very striking image that most would call a sigil (below).

This symbology did not seem to make any sense to me at the time, however, I taped the symbol on my hotel wall next to my computer screen. I normally keep my screensaver on “mystify” which looks like a multilayered swirl of waves; so as the screensaver came on at one point, I noticed that it looked almost identical to this sigil that I have received the day before. My perceptions of what this reality is comprised of were quickly changed to the belief that we are in some type of simulation.

Throughout these last couple of years, I have kind of waivered back and forth on the reality of where we call home. However, as you might have surmised, I have gotten further clarification that we might just be living in a projected reality. I was watching a video on the Gaia platform that was titled “Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry”, and once again I was given a validation of what I had seen a couple of years ago. Sacred geometry has been a subject that I have avoided over my lifetime, simply because it is so complex, and I am more of a big-picture and intuitive thinker. I managed to keep my interest in the video long enough to get to the point where they discussed wave potentials as the matrix of our reality. The moving picture that they presented is the one at the top of this article, and it very much matches the sigil and the confirmation that I received earlier. To be honest, it stopped me in my tracks, and although I am used to getting signs from the universe, this one seemed to take my breath away. This revelation may not light up everyone who reads about my validation through signs, but I can tell you that my perception is beginning to be hardwired to the belief that we are simply existing in some technological matrix of some sort.

I suppose that my perception may have also led me to have all these experiences that support my newly founded belief in a simulation. However, I find it hard to imagine that I could get such interesting experiences over the years that all seem to link together with my own consciousness.

I do challenge you all to learn to pay attention to signs and odd things that seem to show up in your life; you never know how they may link to an overall and grand message.

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