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What Is The Trinity?

The trinity has always been an interest for me, which has pushed me into a lifelong quest to gain understanding into this ideal. I was first introduced to the Holy Trinity at a young age in my bible study classes; I certainly did not understand what it meant but it was a very compelling idea. The Trinity is explained in the Bible as God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus the Son. I guess what is most interesting about this explanation, is that none of these three can be experienced directly, but quite literally as a feeling, a belief, or an intuition. I am not suggesting that I can prove or disprove the existence of the Trinity as outlined in the Bible, but what I am saying is that this message may very well be allegory or written to portray a different meaning than the written words. My studies of the Bible have shown that there may several meanings of a passage in scripture: the literal meaning, the allegory, or the secret code. Jesus was portrayed to speak in parables, or to state it differently, in a hidden meaning. My understanding is the many of the early Christian writers also wrote their texts in a sort of code because they were subject to persecution for what they were preaching and teaching about. Basically, only those who were familiar with the coding could translate or understand the real meaning of the texts.

Regardless of the myriad of explanations, translations, or meanings that circulate our world today, I believe that the Trinity is very much related to the levels that make up our own human existence. The other night I was out patrolling my operational area for a mission I am on, and I noticed something strange in the darkness of the night caused by the shadows of the flood lights behind me. I snapped the picture above with my phone because it just struck me that I may be seeing the three different elements of “my trinity”. What if the biblical story was talking about the actual Trinity, and at the same time, talking about our own elements of a balanced human existence? When I look at the picture above, I cannot help but see three different levels of my energetic body. What stood out to me was that I was seeing my physical body, my mental body, and my spiritual body. What is interesting is that each of these layers has different densities; the first or physical body, would certainly be the darkest one in the picture, because we cannot help but be most connected with our physical existence. The next layer up is the mental layer and the last is our spiritual body. What if the Bible passage was meant to speak to us about the magic of combining all these layers to become the perfect soul?! I would like to believe that if scriptures are divinely inspired, then the words of the supreme maker, could only incorporate great and many depths to the message.

I challenge everyone to read any holy scriptures, from any and all religions, with the idea that there is a deeper meaning to the passages than the face value of the letters. And I also challenge you to pay attention to all the hidden messages that are introduced to us every single day; you never know when your God will present something that just stirs your soul!

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