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Important Links

The goal of this page is to share links to services, other practitioners, podcasts, and products that may assist with your personal growth.  The links do not necessarily mean that all content is supported by this organization -- these links are provided to provide other avenues and viewpoints that may support your needs.

Flawless CBD Shop: 


Universal Brotherhood Movement (Ordination):
Austin Metaphysical Academy:

Nicols Consultations:
Madame Zee:

Goddess Centered LLC::
Trinity Awakens:
Excuses Mean Nothing!
What Is Happiness?
Spiritual World Regression
Usui Reiki Demonstration

Healthy On Purpose

The Definition of Time
Spirit Guides
Alien Interactions
A Conversation About Lucifer
What Is It Like To Be A Medium?

The Devil Taught Me How To Love by Lara Murphy
The Psychic Journey Of An Uncommon Man by Rob Mazak

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