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Slipping Through Time

I mediate quite regularly and I have some of the most interesting experiences during these sessions. I have learned to simply trust what I get, and although it may not mean something at the moment that I receive it, it will mean something eventually. A few nights ago, I had an interesting journey that was very different from the usual if you can call this usual. The following was an email that I attempted to send based on an internet search.

I am not sure if this email is valid, however, I was given an intuitive message to reach out to you. I know it sounds strange -- just know that I am not seeking anything from you -- just wanted to pass on a message.

I am a psychic medium and I receive a lot of channeled messages. Last night I had an interesting vision that led me to your name. I just did a quick search on the internet and your information popped up and your contact information was scattered all over the page. Normally when I search for people, I would have to purchase contact information like that, but yours was there for public viewing. I almost clicked off of the page until I noticed that one of the apartment numbers on the addresses was 111 -- my number of validation from the spiritual world.

I have no idea about who you are or what your belief system is, but I will tell you what I experienced in this vision. I slipped into deep meditation and found myself walking down a dirt road and found myself standing in front of a home that appeared to be from way back in the past. I stepped inside and the house was elaborately adorned with beautiful mahogany wood furniture -- it was apparent that this was before electricity and technology. I walked around the main room for a bit when a woman came into the room and addressed me. She was an elegant woman dressed in a petticoat-type dress with hair, makeup and jewelry arranged quite perfectly. She was well-spoken and carried a feel of a woman who commanded her life. This woman was also tall reaching close to six foot tall; very slim and medium build and exuded great leadership energy.

She claimed that I had traveled back to the year 1732 and that her name was Darcy (last name omitted). She continued by saying that although I felt like I was somewhere at a different time, this experience, and all experiences, in fact, all happen at the same time. This woman got up from the table we were sitting at, pulled down a book from the bookshelf that covered an entire wall, placed the book on the table, and opened it up. She grabbed a pen, the old quill pens, and wrote my name on one of the ledgers. The reason for this entry, she stated, was to document that I had been there, at that time in history, and that if I dug into historical documents, I would now find myself in the records.

I realize this is probably sounding quite odd, but I have found that everything given to me by the spiritual world means something, although it normally takes the shape of symbology.

Anyway, I digress. I no longer question what my spirit guides asked me to do, so I am passing this on as directed. I am not sure if it will mean anything to you, but once again, I am just the messenger. There are a lot of women named Darcy out there -- but I cannot remove the intuitive pull toward the profile that I discovered about you.

The email that I sent came back undeliverable so my message did not receive the intended person. However, this story brings forth some very interesting thoughts. I have become accustomed to hearing the spiritual world described as a place where time does not exist, and where the past, present, and future all happen at the same time, so this did not shock me. My meditations have taken me to places like this experience before, but this one seemed a lot more real to me. This appeared to be much like ordinary reality, only I knew I was also still in this reality; this was almost like being in two places at the same time. I learned to do this on purpose last year when I helped someone find a cat in another state, but it has not happened outside of my purposeful act in a while.

I guess the question I would ask would be: did I actually drift into the spiritual world? Did I cross over into a different timeline? Did I step into a different dimension? Whatever it was, it was a really cool experience. Almost all my clients that describe the spiritual world have nothing but great things to say about it, there have been a couple of folks more recently that were not enjoying that experience much. It does boggle the mind, however, that everything can happen at the same time without any linear division between the past and the present. If everything does happen all at the same time, then we must exist in an eternal state somehow, and never really cease to become lost forever at death. What if when we die, we actually wake up? I find it truly amazing that our consciousness can shift between these types of experiences and provide us with information that we could not possibly get within our own strength.

You may be asking what this experience might mean, or what it might help me with, however, time will tell. I have yet to do any deep research into the story, but I do plan on searching for answers the conventional way, as well as through my spiritual channels.

Anyway, I thought this might be interesting to share. If nothing else, I hope I helped people realize that have experiences like this realize that they are not crazy, but actually normal.

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