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The Lincoln Effect

I had a very interesting meditation journey yesterday evening that was very surreal and synchronistic. As I slipped into my meditation space, I found myself sitting in a moving carriage, that was rocking back and forth because of the bumpy road underneath. I remember putting my head out the window on the left side of the carriage to figure out what was happening in this initial scene. I could only see the road ahead on the left side, but could not bring in the right-side view for some reason. I could see the horses trotting along and the dust being stirred up from the dirt road underneath the horses. It felt strange that I could not see the right side of the road from this vantage point, so I decided to look backward at the road behind the carriage. Behind the carriage, I could see two more horse-drawn carriages and could take in the entire view of both sides of the road. As I settled back inside the carriage, I could see a man sitting directly in front of me facing toward the back of the carriage, and for some reason, I was addressing him as Duke.

I then began to assess who I might be on this journey because my consciousness felt like me, but my energy felt like someone else. I could see that I was dressed in a dark suit, black dress shoes, and a white shirt, and I felt like I had on some kind of tie. I could also see that there was a top hat of some sort sitting on the seat beside me. I could tell that I was a man that was tall and lean; based on the condition of the skin on the back of my hands, it appeared that I was an older man. I then found some sort of folder, or binder, on the seat to my right, so I decided to open it. I could not make out the verbiage included in the body of the documents, but the title was very clear. It read “Proclamation” and I then realized that I was experiencing an event like Abraham Lincoln.

I then addressed this man named Duke and remember telling him that I did not know if my message was going to be effective or strong enough to create change. He assured me that there was no other option and that it was the best way to begin the change; I still felt doubt about the changes that I was trying to make. Duke addressed me as President and continued to encourage me throughout our journey. I then found myself in the company of many politicians and leaders to address them. I could feel the rage inside of me as I spoke about my disdain concerning the division and war in the United States, and that I had enough of this game. I remember that this issue was very grating amongst the group and that there was not an equal understanding or agreement with my upcoming decision and presentation to the congress. I am not entirely sure who all these men were that I was speaking to, but I remember directing them to dispatch my decision to proclaim the emancipation of slavery far and wide, and to every city, town, village, and everywhere there were people. There was some disparity in my mind that the message was going to take time to get out, because it was all being done by hand, with the misinterpretations of the message as it trickled down. This time that I was experiencing did not have the communication abilities that we now have. My journey did not continue past this point.

I was curious about who this Duke man was that I was talking to, so I did some research and came up with something a bit different than I imagined. One of the first links in my research brought me to an article titled “Lincoln’s 19th Century” published by Duke University. I absolutely love synchronicity and this clearly was aligned with the experience of this journey. Out of all the information that I could find, how could I have possibly stumbled on this one article? Of course, the article was about Anti-slavery, politics, and the war to end slavery, and clearly relates directly to what I encountered in this experience. So how does this kind of experience happen?

I don’t believe that this experience was a past life regression, even though my personality seems to match what I have read about Lincoln, but it did not feel like a life I had previously. I do past life regressions for my clients, and have had many of them for myself, so I know that there are clear memories of lives past, but where does this information, or memories, come from exactly? There are many ideas on this type of phenomenon that might help explain how we run into this kind of information. Certainly, there are many belief systems that support reincarnation, and that we do have life after life on this planet, and some experiences are too real and valid to dispute some of these claims. However, there are many people that remember living the same lives, for example, many people remember living a life as Jesus, or Mary, and clearly, there should not be multiple people being the same person. Some of these memories that we experience can simply come from our conscious connection with everything in the cosmos. This is sort of like having access to everything through some type of cosmic internet. Another thought comes from the idea of the Akashic records, which appear as other names in writings, such as the Book of Life which is written about. Perhaps we are encoded with the memories of all our ancestral lineage within our DNA and randomly, or on purpose, get tuned into experiences through these embedded memories. Other ideas of connectivity to everything come through the advent of the science of the Quantum field.

No matter how we end up with these experiences, they are clear messages that should garner your attention. I believe that this experience was brought to me to remind me that slavery was never truly abolished, but only expanded to include everyone on this planet. If you read through this short article that I mentioned: can probably see as I can, that history might be about to repeat itself. It is clear that when you study our known history, many issues and events repeat themselves, and I believe that we are about to see evidence of these events from the time of Lincoln. I don’t believe that it takes a lot of intelligence to understand that we are on a prison planet and that almost everything we do is limited and controlled by the political machine. There is a big illusion in our minds that we are free, but I guarantee you, if you step outside of the boundaries of the enormous number of established laws, you will find that you are truly not as free as we believe we are.

I am not being an alarmist about the state of the world, I am just bringing forth the obvious for your awareness. My belief is that we are not here to necessarily topple the regime but to consciously evolve and remember our true connection to the source of all creation. In my opinion, we do need to pay attention to our three-dimensional world, but we must also pay attention to all the higher dimensions we have access to. Many of us do not realize how powerful we are – we must expand our connection to that which is outside of our limited three-dimensional world and find the real truth. We currently have control of our minds and our being, and while we still do, we should turn within to connect to the immensity of the cosmos, which is at our beckoning, much like our enormous internet. If we all knew just how connected and powerful, we are, this world would be so much better. I have heard many times that one consciously connected person can positively affect as many as 750,000 other people on this planet. If this is really true, it does not take that many of us to change the energy of this planet.

I encourage you to dive into any experiences you have that don’t necessarily make sense to you – there is always some type of message for you in this experience. I also encourage you to evolve consciously and help heal this planet!!

Stay strong and live your life!

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