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Time Dilation

I have long been interested in the true definition of time and as usual, I was reviewing a video about time dilation today. What I find interesting about time is that it only seems to move in a forward direction in our current reality. It would make sense to me that if I can move forward in time, I should be able to move backward as well, and perhaps even move outside of time. I suppose that we do move through time in many different directions all the time, but only through our consciousness. It appears that no matter how much we move through time consciously, our physical nature and our reality only seem to move forward. I have often thought that our bodies are simply programmed to progress and not digress just like we might do for a computer or a car, where everything is based on some type of predetermined coding. Does this mean that our past simply disappears and no longer exists? Or does everything that happens to us simply get stored in some type of database somewhere in the universe or the fabric of space-time?

I believe that all of us would like to think that our existence is not just some random happening that comes and goes without any meaningful purpose. It is easy to chock up the past existing for each of us based on the stored memories of our minds, however, it would be nice to know that we make a difference without our existence. There are some interesting theories and experiences that point to the fact that there may be a cosmic database that harnesses all our experiences and stores them for some purpose. But why do we have a life in this reality? Is this simply some extension of a greater mind wanting to have multiple experiences in order to evolve? I believe that in some way there is always a way to “travel” back into the past by learning to tap into this repository of information so that we can learn exponentially while we are here in this short life. I am not trying to say that we only have this one simple life and that is it because my experiences strongly point to multiple lives and reincarnation. What I am saying is that the past is what brings experience and learning, and if all we do in this life is look forward, I believe we are missing the best part of our experience as human beings. I don’t think that living completely in the past is a good thing either, but if we are not learning from our history and the histories of those before us, then we can never truly evolve.

What I do find interesting about time is that it can be experienced in many ways. How many times has the time “flown by” when we are having a fun experience, but “drags by” when we are doing something that is no fun at all? In many ways, time is simply a cognitive experience that changes based on our experiences and what we are doing. Have you ever looked at an analog clock and noticed how long it takes for the second hand to move? A second takes the same amount of “time” to elapse no matter what we are doing or how much we watch the clock; our perception and brain processing of time is the real difference in how fast or slow time moves. So then is time real or is it simply a process of consciousness?

I am a hypnosis practitioner and during many of my sessions, clients will find themselves in the spiritual realm, where they are simply an energetic being or spirit. My clients who experience this realm always explain this place the same way, that there is no time, and that the past, present, and future all happen at the same time. Many of them state that time simply does not exist outside of this reality and that humans have found a way to carve up something that does not exist. It is very hard to imagine there being no time because our entire existence is based on time. I suppose that a 24-hour day is been woven into what we call reality, and everything about us tends to follow this program. I wonder what would happen if there were no clocks or a way to tell where we were in our 24-hour period of each day; would we actually notice that time is ticking forward mercilessly? Apparently, our bodies are programmed to grow old incrementally no matter whether we look at the clock or not.

What if we could change the paradigm of time and the effects that it seems to cause us? The scientific community has been wrestling with this dynamic for a long time in the pursuit of extending life and our experience in this reality. I was watching a video about time dilation, and it seems like speed seems to be the trick. There are theories that state if we could only travel faster than the speed of light, we could begin to reverse time, however, if we can do move that fast, it is not public knowledge. Also simply traveling into low earth orbit or into space can cause a slowing down of the effects of time. Unfortunately, most of us common people may never get to try out this theory. It does seem like we can all travel faster than the speed of light through our consciousness; this aligns with quantum science and has been proven in many experiments.

Perhaps the secret is to travel outside of time, in any direction you choose, is to go within to go without. I have learned the practice of traveling outside of time through much meditation practice and I can tell you from experience that time and distance do not matter when connecting to others. You can instantly connect to anyone, anywhere, and anytime and it does not matter where they are. Strangely enough, this can happen for connections to the spiritual realm, other dimensions, and other planets. This ability is completely natural to all humans, but many do not accept this gift based on the beliefs that have been instilled by parents, family, and societal norms. What if we never had to pick up a phone to send a text message, or turn on a computer to send an email, and still have the same effect?

I was watching a video about time dilation, time travel, and wormholes when the image at the top of this article showed up on the wall in my room. Of course, it was from the sun shining in the room and bouncing off something in the room but looking at this picture really spoke to me about time. The funnel on the right seems to represent a wormhole, as it was described in the video, and the base of this worm hole was tethered to an umbilical cord-like structure. There is what looks like a door, or a gate, between the cord and the funnel that might represent a block that we have to the source of other dimensions of time. It is like we are disconnected from our source, and our perceived time seems to be dilating faster over time. This was an interesting synchronization about what I was studying and speaks to me about getting connected to our source again before time dilates and gets away from us.

Whatever time truly is, we should all learn to experience all there in the time we are allotted in this life. Time is one commodity that we all share, and once it is gone, we can’t physically get it back. Stop wasting your time on insignificant things!!!!

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