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We are surrounded by abundance!

Abundance seems to be on the forefront of human desire, to be able to have and to accomplish everything that we want without worrying about how that is going to happen. It seems that we want to have all the great things in life, to accomplish great things and have an abundance of all the good things in this world, however, these goals seem to be very elusive and out of reach. Why is it that we do not have everything that we want? Why can’t we seem to acquire all the money that we want and need? Why don’t we have everything that we wish for? I would propose that we are just not aligned with the proper frequency of these desires.

My wife mentioned a dream that she had that caused me to stop and think about abundance. She had a dream that she went to work for a large automobile dealership. The first thing that struck me about this dream was the amount of value that a large car dealership has within the inventory. Just imagine how much value sits on a car lot! Your typical brand name dealership probably has 100s of millions of dollars of cars in stock, all gathered in one central location. As I started to imagine this, I realized that every one of us is surrounded by the most amazing amount of wealth and abundance every single day!

Another example of a great collection of wealth is the typical American neighborhood. Most houses today average around $250,000 and my house is located in a neighborhood that has several hundred houses! I am literally driving into an area, every day, which nears a value of a billion dollars; this number does not even include the value of the vehicles in the driveway or the contents of each house. When I enter my place of work, a very large military hospital, I am walking into a multi-billion dollar facility and operation. This happens everywhere that I go, when I step into a large department store, a large grocery store, a movie theater, or a restaurant. We are embodied in great abundance just about everywhere we go, so in reality, we are all wealthy. Of course, these places do not have our name on the title or deed, but we can still enjoy and experience this wealth anytime that we like. To be honest, isn’t this the best way to experience wealth? Let someone else pay for, build, and maintain all this wealth, while we just show up and enjoy this abundance?

So if we are surrounded by abundance all day, then why aren’t we personally wealthy? I believe it is because we are not locked onto the proper abundance channel or frequency. We can make an analogy for this using the internet. Anyone who has been on the internet knows that there is almost an endless amount of knowledge and information available anytime there is Wi-Fi or internet access. This information manifests on our screens, but only on our screens. Wi-Fi surrounds us, it carries with it this great abundance of information and knowledge. However, if we don’t tune to the proper frequency, we do not have access to this Wi-Fi data. Once we align our computers and devices to the proper frequency, we then manifest this information onto our screens.

Can we correlate our minds to that of our electronic devices? Yes, our mind is essentially like the operating system in a computer or in an electronic device. Our minds allow us to interpret our current reality and make sense of the millions of bits of information that it is bombarded with continuously. There are parts of our mind that are under conscious control and parts that are not. The conscious part of our mind is primarily responsible for training the unconscious part, thus determining the outcome of our life. So abundance should then be as simple as changing our frequency, our thinking, and programming the part of the mind that does the real work.

In any operating system, if you put junk in, you will get junk out. In order to get what we want out of life, we need to begin to think on purpose, and not allow our minds to just wander aimlessly on autopilot. Just like a computer, our minds need direction and guidance so that problems can be solved and goals can be reached. Probably the best way to begin this process is to find time to meditate each day, providing your unconscious mind with specific direction and intention. Meditation allows you to center and quiet your mind, allowing you to provide positive and meaningful intention to your unconscious and the universe. It also allows you to tune and change your frequency, allowing the flow of abundance, which is all around you every day, to manifest in your life. We don’t necessarily have to come up with anything new, the universe provides everything we need and encases us within this abundance field. All we really need to do is learn to allow this abundance to flow within by providing an open door for all the opportunities that exist all around us. You are surrounded by abundance, there for the taking, you are all you need to be, and you have all you need to manifest anything you desire.


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