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What Exactly is Eternity?

It truly seems very difficult to imagine eternity in our limited human capabilities. Our minds are the most powerful biological computer known to our current reality; however, it can be limiting when try to imagine and define what eternity is. Can you truly envision what it is like for everything to be forever, always has been, always will be and is now? I feel like I know what that is like, but do I really have a grasp on what forever or eternal actually means? I want to start by looking at what dictionary definitions state. When I started looking at definitions for eternity, I first found the definition of a definition, which made me really think about this definition of eternity – here are a couple of these definitions:

“The act of defining, or of making something definite, distinct, or clear.”

“The condition of being definite, distinct, or clearly outlined.”

As you can see from defining a definition that it is going to be very difficult to clearly define the definition of eternity. How can we truly define something as enormous and elusive as eternity? Imagining this type of expansiveness and foreverness can be severely limited by the confines of our human consciousness – at least the part of the consciousness that we feel we have control of – our conscious mind. However, our subconscious mind is connected to this ever-expansive eternity of the cosmic internet. The subconscious mind is that portion of our existence that interacts and connects with all that there is. Let’s digress for a moment and look at some of the definitions of eternity.

“Infinite time; duration without beginning or end.”

“Eternal existence, especially as contrasted with mortal life: the eternity of God.”

“The timeless state into which the soul passes at a person's death.”

“An endless or seemingly endless period of time.”

The first definition states that eternity is without beginning or end – does this not also align with how we would define God? Energy also carries a similar definition: it has always been, it will always be, it cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed in form. It appears to me that how we define God, energy and eternity are very much the same. Putting words and meaning towards defining something that is not visible to us is quite daunting at best; but we all want to believe in eternal existence, otherwise, what is life really about? Human beings formulate beliefs in the unseen all the time because we can at least see effects of the unseen. You cannot see wind or gravity, yet we can feel it, we can see its effects, but we cannot visualize or see them. Unseen things then become more of an experience rather than a defined set of rules and effects; so it must be for the definition of eternity. I would offer up that eternity is primarily an experience that each of us have, that is unique only to us, and cannot be limited to time or space. I also offer up that eternity, at least in our definition, is not the forever expansive concept that we have been taught, and that is limited only to an experience. I was given a vision, during a deep meditation that showed me a much different aspect of eternity.

Prior to this vision, I had a night of strange phenomenon that I wanted answers for, so I asked for clarification during my mediation. I spent an entire night hearing what I thought was the low rumble of thunder in the sky, but did not ever remember any lightning or rain. Finally, about 5:30 am, I decided to let the dogs out before it rained. When I opened the back door to let them out, I found nothing but clear skies, no thunder or evidence of rain. I went back to bed for a little while, however, the rumbling remained. When I went into meditation, later that day, my spirit guide began to show me my answer, along with some new things I had not seen before. She led me to the edge of my current reality and asked me to look out at the horizon, at least as I know horizons, and explained that out in front of me was eternity. What I saw was not anything like I imagined I would see; this eternity was basically like a bluish/greenish swirl of some type of gel swirling around in strange patterns. She informed me that out in this eternity was what was called dark eternals and light eternals; and the rumbling that I heard was the dark eternals trying to break through into this reality. Among other things, she began to make reference to things that were outside the boundaries of this eternity. I will not divulge the rest of the story, but only bring up another question. If eternity is supposed to be never ending and infinite, what could possibly be outside the boundaries of eternity?

I asked for some more clarification, and she simply said, eternity can happen in an instant, and in an instant can happen eternity. As elusive as that sounds for an answer, I began to come to understand that may mean eternity is more of an experience. If you think about time as we know it now, a second can seem to last for a very long time when we are doing something unpleasant, but actually feel like a second when we are doing something fun. In a lot of ways, time is simply relative to the experience during that time. I believe this is much the same as the definition of eternity; perhaps eternity is only based on the experiences that we are going through? What if eternity is just a portion of eternal time that is given to each soul where we can have multiple life experiences, much like a curriculum at college, a soul learning environment? The reason I feel that an “eternity” may be solely designed for each soul, was fostered through what she continued to show me. As I was traveling through this eternity, with my spirit guide, I asked to be brought to God, or the source of this eternity. At first, I was traveling towards an extremely bright light, but as I neared the source of the light, everything dimmed down again and there I saw what looked like an energy embryo, encircled in a gel like structure, glowing with a sea green color. My spirit guide told me that it all began right here with that embryo.

This makes me reconsider the reincarnation model, and look at recurrent lives much differently. So, the question still remains, if our souls are eternal, and have always been, then how can we have a place to start having experiences within an eternal realm? Maybe this eternity that I was being shown is what quantum physicists might call parallel universes or alternate dimensions? In a lot of ways that might make more sense, because if we have always been, then how can we have a beginning? Perhaps these eternities are simply an environment for our learning, separate in a way from the whole of everything to allow our souls to grow and learn. For me at least, imagining an eternity, or a “place” of learning, is much easier to wrap my thoughts around. It simply is mind boggling to truly understand that: I am now, I have always been, and I will always be.

Surely “something” cannot come from “nothing” -- so eternity it is, eternity it was, and eternity it shall be.

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